Now that you know you are going to be a mommy soon, it’s time for some pregnancy shopping. Your body is going to change completely and you will need to constantly update your wardrobe. From clothes to inner wear, women often need to go on shopping almost every month. They invest in good quality and comfortable clothing to accommodate their expanding belly. The only thing they forget to shop for is a good pair of ahoes. During the last trimester you might experience swollen feet and so those stylish pumps won’t fit you anymore.

Investing in a comfortable pair lower the pain of swollen feet and help you balance the growing weight. This post is all about choosing the right footwear during and here is a list of all the comfortable shoes that you must buy in those nine months.

#1. Skechers Sports Sneakers

If you regularly go out for a walk during pregnancy to stay active and healthy, sneakers from skechers are a must-have. You must buy them as they are easy to wear and take off. The memory foam inside the sole provides adequate support and reduce the stress on joints and knees.
And the best part, it is available in a variety of colors and designs.

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#2. Clarks Slip On Shoe

Casual, chic and comfortable, Clarks slip on shoe is unique and and keeps your feet cool and fresh. It looks fashionable and has enough room for toes to expand. The cushioned heel collar is comfortable to wear and move the feet.

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#3. Adidas Sliders

What’s more comfortable than a slider? Adidas women’s slides are easy to put on and remove and are light in weight. The synthetic upper makes them durable and the outsole is designed in such a way that it provides comfortable movement while walking. The cloudfoam technology keeps the feet airy and comfortable.

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#4. Crocs Women’s Flat Sandal Sport

A classic white crocs sandal with cushion foam provides all the comfort needed to walk during pregnancy. It has synthetic sole that makes it super-light and flexible. The sandal looks more attractive with its soft straps and you know the best thing? It is water resistant and supports easy movement.

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#5. Roxy Women’s Slip-on Shoe Sneaker

A slip-on pair of shoes that can be used while walking during pregnancy. It has laces but it is a slip-on shoe that makes walking less painful with those swollen feet. The air cooled foam keeps the feet dry and airy. It is flexible and supports the complete movement.

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