And finally, after 9 long months of waiting you can now cuddle your baby. It was a huge time but it was all worth it. Wrapping your little one in your arms and playing with her gives you the ultimate satisfaction. Along with those giggles, soft touches and silky hairs comes one more thing that you would never want to flaunt- the stubborn belly fat!

However, motherhood is considered to be the most glorious and beautiful phase of a woman’s life, every mommy embraces it with some stretch marks, dark circles, and a chubby belly. We moms often miss our pre-pregnancy body and crave to wear those fashionable clothes in a way that locks up the stubborn pooch. If you are also one of them, read the full article and find out the ways how you can hide your post-preggo belly fat with some easy-to-follow fashion tips.

#1. Tuck It In

Fed up with those long and flowy shirts? No worries, we have sorted it out. Tuck your billowy and loose shirts in your mid-waist pants to conceal your belly. All your pregnancy investments can be utilized wisely with a simple trick of front tucking.

#2. Camouflaging Black

Dark colors like black and navy blue help you look slim and hide the fluffiness. Invest in some glamorous dark-colored clothes to camouflage the baby bump shadow. Be it a jumpsuit or a mid-rise pair of jeans, dark-colored clothes are surely going to be your savior.

#3. Show It Off

We know that’s the weirdest advice, but a plunging neckline or a backless dress will draw the attention away from your belly fat. Trust us on this and try a slight skin show by wearing an off-shoulder top or a halter neck dress to dress like a trendy mommy. These designs are perfect to hide that stubborn postpartum tummy.

#4. Peplums for Feminine Silhouette

With a fitted bust and flared waist, peplum tops give you a complete feminine look. A peplum that flares at your tummy will help you look slimmer and hide the tummy fat. Pair them with a pair of straight trousers or high-waisted skirts for a subtle look.

#5. Flared Maxi Dresses

Those airy maxi dresses are the most comfortable of all and also hide your bulging belly. Be it a casual lunch or a dinner party, maxi dresses make you look wow. Investing in some designer maxi dresses after delivery is always a good idea.

#6. Shapewear- The ultimate solution

If nothing is working out for you, you can happily switch to the ultimate solution and buy shapewear. You can choose a high waist shaping brief or a full-body shaping suit as per your comfort. Shaping briefs hold the loose skin firm and bring back the fit belly.

Being a mother is the ultimate joy in the life of every woman. Celebrate it with the little bundle of happiness without any guilt or discomfort. The above tricks are surely going to provide you the confidence and hide those extra pounds.


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