Meta Description: Get inspired by these amazing craft ideas for Republic Day and make the perfect plan to keep your little ones engaged in these fun-filled activities on such a special day.

Are you worried about your kids not having the chance to enjoy the patriotic activities usually arranged in schools on Republic Day?

We understand how important 26th January is for India. But our kids consider this as a holiday so that they can have a fun-filled day, starting from participating in games organized by most schools to playing with other kids in the evening. However, this year, it’s not possible to spend the day like all other years due to the lockdown and the rising covid cases.

So, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to arrange some fun-filled activities for your kid so that they can enjoy the day without putting up a gloomy face. In this following article, we will explain a few interesting and fun craft ideas that will not only keep your child engaged but also make the day more special and entertaining.

Making tri-colored flowers for home decoration

If you want to arrange a small event at your home with your kid and extended family, this will be the best activity to engage the little ones. You can ask them to create different styles of flowers using the three colored papers- orange, white, and green. They can make layered flowers or large flowers with different colored petals. Since they need to cut the papers precisely, keep an eye on them so that no they don’t hurt themselves.

Thumb-print Indian flag drawings

If your kid loves to paint, it’s time to let go of the mundane system of doing art and craft. Rather, make your kid paint the Indian flag with thumbprints. Next, use a canvas or white paper wrapped around thick cardboard so that the colors can contrast each other. Also, make sure to use acrylic or poster colors without any water. Finally, tell your child to use their thumb and fill up the blank areas of the flag design.

Making tri-colored frames with decorative flowers

Get some photos of the freedom fighters printed out, or ask your kid to sketch if they know about art. Once done, use thick cardboard and decorate with orange, green, and white paints of paste cut-outs. You can ask your kid to make different patterns like waves, collages, and so on to create different types of frames. Finally, you can use the blue-colored ribbons to create flowers for decorating the frame.

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Creating paper pinwheels

One of the most creative works that you can give your kids is the creation of pinwheels. For this, you will need plastic straws, white, green, orange, and blue papers, cello tapes, glue, and scissors. The wheels will have tri-colored fans, while a blue-colored flower will sit in the middle. Once the entire wheel is ready, your kid needs to paste it with the white-paper-covered stick.

Final thoughts

Now that you are aware of different ideas for making Republic Day special crafts, all you have to do is arrange the materials like colored papers, paints, glues, cello tapes, cards, frames, ribbons, and other such art and craft supplies. Then, create a plan to involve your kids in the activities and let them enjoy the day.


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