Here comes the big day!! The day when you are going to be the eye-candy for all of them. Even though you are a beautiful brown girl with all those sharp features and flawless curves, people expect you to be just perfect. I know this because I have experienced the same 2 years back. It was my wedding and I was full of tips from my buas, mamis, aunties and even my mom. The butterflies in the stomach, the excitement of the new life and of course all that glam jewelry and clothes are waiting for you. But the fact is every bride go through a trauma and feel nervous just before her big day. She just wants to look perfect for her man of dreams. Before you step up into the new life full of excitement and relations, here are some tips to move in with confidence.

1. Flawless Skin Regime:

Make your skin glow like a newborn on the big day. Don’t forget to have 8-10 glasses of water every day. Home-made ubtans, healthy diet, good workout and your pre-bridal schedules are must haves for sparkling skin. Apply rose water daily as it tones and cleanse the skin. And beautiful ladies, don’t let the sun ruin your glow so do carry sunscreen always with you. A glowing skin will definitely boost your confidence and you will shine like a rock star.

2. Lustrous Hairs:

Be it a bun or a loose hairstyle, shiny hairs are the need of the hour. For me a thick mixture of curd and egg yolks worked wonders. A glass of milk daily also gives you those shiny strands. The most important thing to be kept in mind is that; select your hair style which suits your hairs and your face cuts.

3. Manage your outfits and jewelry:

We Indians have plenty of functions in our weddings, so go for different attire and look in each of them.


For Mehendi, you can opt for a blend of traditional as well as contemporary outfit.


Gowns, short dresses, maxi dresses are in demand. Experiment with different colors and patterns.


Go for something traditional, like a lehenga or a designer anarkali. Choose colors as per your skin tone.


Choose a classy outfit and elegant jewelry to be a graceful bride.


Go for something lavish for this evening event.

Desi Remedies to look stunning

If you are worried about the giant parlor expenses, try some desi nuskhas to kook fresh and flawless at home.
• Mix rice flour with milk and kesar. Apply this pack for 10 minutes. Wash and get shiny skin.
• Turmeric and gram flour ubtan is something miraculous. Apply thrice a week and get that bridal glow on the big day.
• Aloe vera is good to remove acne and makes your skin clear.

All these tips are surely gonna help you a lot. But above all, don’t forget to wear that gorgeous smile because that’s the beauty enhancer.


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