Stuffing your baby’s mouth with pacifier when she cries is the best way to calm her down. Even when babies cry for no reason, instead of pleasing them, mothers put a pacifier in their mouth to stop the crying episode.

Giving pacifier to babies each and everytime they cry makes them vulnerable to infection. They develop a habit to sucking it everytime and which can be a root cause of many diseases. So, today we are putting a light on side effects of pacifiers and how to help baby to get rid of pacifier’s habit.

Pacifiers may give your baby a good night sleep but they have several other side effects that can’t be overlooked. Read on for knowing why pacifiers are not good for babies.

1. Oral Infections : Constant oral contact of pacifiers make babies prone to oral infections. It is just like a toothbrush and invite germs in the baby’s mouth. It is advisable to clean and sterilize the pacifier before and after every use. Use of pacifier after age 4 can have major long term effects on adult teeth.

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2. Disturbed Breadtfeeding Schedule : Pacifiers hinder the breastfeeding routine of the baby. Constant use of pacifiers reduce the duration of breastfeeding which in turn reduces the bonding time of the mother and the baby.

3. Allergies : Pacifiers can cause a lot of allergies and throat infections to your babies. It may also cause breathing problems in the future.

4. Speech Problems : Constant use of pacifiers might also affects baby’s oral growth and development. It hinders teeth development and cause speech problems and other issues with swallowing, tongue position and increase the risk of tooth decay.

5. Ear Problems : Pacifiers may invite multiple ear problems in babies. It causes severe ear infections and may lead to permanant deafness.

How to Stop Your Baby’s Pacifier Habit

If your baby has a habit of chewing pacifier, try to engage her with other activities like playing, taking her for a walk and offer her some edible teethers. If she chews on pacifier at night and throws it away while sleeping, do not put it back in his mouth.

Never leave your baby alone with the pacifier as it may cause chocking sensations. Try to limit the duration of using a pacifier. This way, slowly and steadily, your baby will give up the habit of pacifier

If you still want to give a pacifier to your baby, follow these hygiene tips to avoid any mis-happenings.

● Use a branded pacifier with a BPA- free mark.
● Sterilize pacifier after every use.
● Do not secure pacifier with a cord around the neck of the baby.
● Do not let kids share pacifiers. Babies may exchange germs in case they share the same pacifier.
● Pick a pacifier with ventilation holes.
● Get the pacifier of the right size as per the age of your baby.
● Never sweeten the pacifier by dipping it into sugar syrup or honey. It may decay your baby’s teeth.

Pacifiers have many side effects, so it is advisable to limit their use and offer them to your baby after consultation with your doctor.


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