The first shower of the season is always exciting. Not only adults but children too love dancing in the rain and enjoy those garma-garam bhajjis during monsoons. Many of us wish to play in the puddles of water but these activities come with the risk of exposing ourselves to various germs and viruses. The world is combatting a deadly disease already and this is not the time to take any kind of risk and be in bed due to sickness.

A huge fluctuation in temperature and atmosphere leads to illness in babies and they are exposed to a considerably larger amount of microorganisms. Being a parent we must be aware of the common monsoon diseases, their preventions, and their cure.  Child parenting tips are more important to follow these days.

Here are the common illnesses that you should be wary of in the monsoon.

1. Malaria

It is one of the most common diseases affecting a larger number of people during the rainy season. The major reason that leads to the spread of malaria is the breeding of mosquitos in puddles of water.

The first symptom of malaria is fever which is further accompanied by uncontrolled shivering, body aches, weakness, and chills.

Keeping children away from mosquitoes is the only effective method to prevent malaria from infecting them. Make sure there are no pools of water in your surroundings. Use mosquito repellent to keep mosquitoes away.

2. Cholera

A deadly disease caused by unhygienic food. It is usually caused by a specific type of bacteria that thrives in contaminated water or food.

The main symptom of cholera is repeated bouts of diarrhea. The watery stools lead to dehydration, muscle cramping, and vomiting.

The first line of defense against cholera is vaccination which protects for half a year. Use hand sanitizers and maintain personal hygiene. Give boiled water to babies and do not serve outside food to little ones.

3. Viral Fever

Viral fever can be contacted any time but the chances of catching a viral are more during monsoons. Viral fever is airborne and occurs due to a virus infection.

Viral fever is primarily characterized by repeated sneezing, intense fever, weakness, and a sore throat.

Avoid stepping out in rain to stop viral fever from reaching you. Have turmeric milk regularly to help your body prevent infection. A sore throat can be relieved by gargling with warm salty water.

4. Typhoid

Another disease that is quite common in monsoons, is water-borne. It is caused by contaminated water and food items prepared in unhygienic ways.

It is quite dangerous and tends to infect the gallbladder even after the person is recovered. Fever, abdominal pain, and headaches are common signs of infection.

It is spread by consuming contaminated food; therefore, maintaining hygiene at all costs is an important way to stop the disease from affecting you. Another preventive measure is the Typhoid vaccine which is available and can be given to children after the age of 6 months.

Times are tough and we must keep a close eye on our children to protect them from any kind of infection. Keep your surroundings clean and tidy to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. If you notice symptoms like high-grade fever, chills, and throat infection, contact your doctor immediately.

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