Being a mother, I really have to be careful about what stuff I use for my baby. Be it the clothes, shoes, and as the winter season is on its verge, the blanket I pick for my baby matters the most.

I recently ordered the Riverhood cotton knitted baby blanket and this is simply the best thing I ever did for my baby. It’s comfortable and keeps my baby boy warm and cozy all the time.

It’s super comfortable

I started using the blanket on my baby & the moment he touched it his eyes lit up and he hugged me with joy. This cotton knitted baby blanket is ultra-soft to touch and make him feel happy.

It’s soothingly warm

Another thing that I noticed was that though this Riverhood Cotton Knitted Baby Blanket is lightweight, I have not seen my baby boy struggling with cold at all with it even if we’re out in cold weather since last week.

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I & My Baby Loved It

My baby boy loves to cuddle up with this blanket and falls asleep every time. I have to say that I also love this blanket as it helps the baby boy have a good quality sleep. The color and the design are also very pretty and I am sure every mother will love it.

It’s different from other blankets

This blanket is different from other blankets that I’ve seen in the market. It’s quite comfortable and as it’s colorful, my baby loves playing with it. I would highly recommend this Riverhood Cotton Knitted Baby Blanket to all the mothers out there. It just makes our lives a lot easier.

I absolutely loved this blanket! The cotton is so soft and comfortable and it’s lightweight enough that my baby doesn’t overheat but still keeps him warm. The colors are pretty and vibrant and my son loves playing with them. I also love that it’s machine-washable.

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Wrapping up!

As a mother, one of the most important things you can do for your child is keeping them warm and comfortable, and that’s exactly what the Riverhood Cotton Knitted Baby Blanket does. It’s soft, cozy, and perfect for keeping your little one warm all winter long.

Overall, I highly recommend this Riverhood Cotton Knitted Baby Blanket to all mothers who are looking for a good quality, comfortable, and warm blanket for their beloved babies. Thank you Riverhood for making such a great product. We simply loved it!


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