Becoming a mother for the first time is exciting as well as scary. The journey is filled with ups and downs. Mothers usually have millions of questions for anything and everything. When I stepped into this world of parenting, I always wanted to have the best for my baby. Be it feeding bottles, clothes, toys or diapers, I looked out for the best stuff for my little one.

Diapers indeed, are an essential thing during the first two years of a baby’s life. Handling frequent pees and poops is such a mess. And that’s the reason I wanted to choose the best diapers for my baby. I was searching for good quality diapers that are gentle on my baby’s skin and are rash free. In the initial days of parenting, I have been using cloth langots for my baby. And he used to cry and wake up from sleep when he pees or poops due to wetness.

Then I started using disposable diapers. Those were easy to use but were very harsh on my baby’s skin. I always had the guilt feeling of exposing my baby to harsh chemicals and harming the environment. Just then I got to know about the advanced cloth diapers and found the best ones on Just Bumm. I was really amazed to see the softness, absorbency and the dry feel which it gave to my baby. Unlike disposable diapers, cloth Diapers are sustainable and don’t cause any harm to the environment.

Nighttime diapering is very easy with Just Bumm. It stays for 9-12 hours and your baby gets a comfortable sleep in these diapers. In this blog, I am going to share my experience with Just Bumm cloth diapers.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Just Bumm advanced cloth diaper for your baby

#1. You can save more money:

I remember how excited I was to be a mother during my pregnancy. I spent so many hours planning the baby and organizing her nursery. But I was also worried about money and crunching numbers. I didn’t have a big clash flow and the biggest expense was disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are a one time investment and you can use them multiple times. It can be used upto 300 times. You don’t have to throw away the diaper and buy disposable diapers every month.

#2. Less Harmful Chemicals:

There is a slew of materials and chemicals used in disposable diapers that some parents may not want nestled up against their babies’ bottoms. Many of them have been linked to negative health outcomes such as endocrine disruption, obesity, and even cancer.

#3. No Rashes:

You may not know what diaper rash looks like as a new parent who brings their baby home from the hospital. But it’s a sight most new parents are eventually going to be introduced to.

Babies end up with diaper rash for a number of reasons, including:
● Too much moisture on their skin.
● Diapers aren’t changed frequently enough.
● A reaction to the chemicals in disposable diapers.
● Food allergies or sensitivities.
● Yeast infections.

Cloth diapers are changed more frequently because your baby will feel the wetness and let you know. Plus, since they are reusable, parents don’t feel any pressure to get their money’s worth out of a diaper like they do with disposables. So if they know their baby is wet, they’ll change them instantly. Because cloth diapers don’t use the same chemical components disposables do there should be less chance of irritation. Cloth diapers have more breathability than disposable diapers.

#4. More Comfort:

As a parent, I just feel like cloth diapers would be more comfortable against a baby’s skin, although I have no way to prove that theory. Here is why I have come to the conclusion that cloth diapers are lightweight and breathable. They are more comfortable and have natural fibres compared to the airtight disposable diapers.

#5. Easy Potty Training:

As sad as parents can get about seeing their baby grow up, there’s one milestone we’re all kind of glad to say goodbye to — the diaper phase. Ditching the diapers saves parents money and we don’t have to take out the garbage as frequently. With disposables, even when children pee they still feel dry because of those super absorbent polymers we discussed earlier. They suck the moisture away from your child’s bottom immediately when they pee, keeping them dry. That’s good when it comes to cutting down on irritation on their bottoms, but not so great when it comes to potty training. But with cloth diapers, your child can feel the wetness on their skin because those polymers aren’t used.Parents also have more of an incentive to get their children sitting on the potty chair when they use cloth diapers. It’s a time saver for us. After they become potty trained, we won’t have to wash all those diapers anymore.


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