Before we move forward with the honest review, I would like to mention that this experience is based on the “Self Paid” program purchased for both the kids.

Positive Experience:

1. 1:1 Teacher: Student Ratio.

2. Flexibility of scheduling classes as per changing routines

3. Projects for Hands-on understanding

4. Custom Printed Visiting Cards & certificates to celebrate program milestones

5. Access to recordings of entire class

Areas of Improvement:

1. Doubt Clearly session missing

2. Same YardStick for ALL the students

3. Aggressive Sales force but execution missing

4. Frequent change of Account Manager with no real time work on complaints or feedback.

Both of my kids (Age: 12 & Age: 8) opted for White Hat Junior around 5 to 6 months back. I believe they were not taken over by Byjus until then. Our experience was pleasant to start with. My elder one opted for Intermediate course while for my younger one, we were doubtful about the interest level so signed up for Basic course. Initially, the kids had their interest level at peak but gradually it declined. I believe it was possibly because the course pace doesn’t change depending on the child’s competency & some because they are kids & their attention span is limited. I as a parent lost interest because they really don’t care about the feedback given.

Whatever said & done, I do feel that the concept & vision is great BUT they do need to give serious attention to the kid’s learning pace.

I hope this helps! You can mail me at in case of specific queries.

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