Republic Day is one of the days which is the most patriotic and enthusiastically celebrated day in India. In Delhi, all the Indian forces, the army, navy, and air force conduct a parade to showcase its progress to its citizens. And displaying the culture of the people in various states using tableaus.

In this article, we are going to talk about the top republic day facts you should know as an Indian which makes us even more proud and patriotic about our nation.

Most of us know the reason behind celebrating the republic day is because our Indian constitution was enacted on that day but remember it not only marks just a constitution enacted this was the time when our country’s citizens have got their right to choose their leader which made India a republic.

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But we should also know the timeline behind the process of the enactment of our constitution.

  • R Ambedkar was its chairman so he created a drafting committee to create the constitution, The drafting commission took exactly 2 years, 11 months, and 17 days to complete the all abiding Indian constitution.
  • First draft of the Indian Constitution was prepared by Sir Bengal Narsing Rau, who was appointed the Assembly’s Constitutional advisor in 1946.
  • The revised draft was prepared by the Drafting Committee and submitted to the Constitutional Assembly on November 4, 1947. which took about 166 days with 302 members.
  • The handwritten copy of our constitution was written in Hindi and English was signed by the constituent assembly on January 24, 1950, and two days later the historic moment happened on 26th January 1950.
  • Another fact that makes the Indian constitution different from other countries’ constitutions is that it is one of the longest constitutions in the world.
  • The day which the 1st prime minister took the oath as the president of India is the same day the constitution was enacted.
  • After the constitution was enacted the constituent assembly was dissolved and they became the parliament and the constitution took over the country as the golden book.
  • The constitution replaces the Government of India Act, 1935.
  • The very first republic day was celebrated in 1955. The chief guest was the 1st governor-general of Pakistan Malik Gulam Mohammed.

On Republic day the prime minister always gives a speech which everyone in the country eagerly awaits to hear, they also give various awards on the occasion of republic day like Vir Chakra, Maha Veer Chakra, etc to acknowledge the remarkable achievements of Indians.

We have come towards the end of the article, we must never forget how hard our ancestors fought and the number of sacrifices and martyrs who were there in our country to get our freedom. How do you celebrate republic day? And if you have any additional points that you might like to add or fact which is interesting and not much known please do feel free to comment below.


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