Every woman has a charm to become successful. They have the strength, the wit and the power beyond what they think they are capable of. I am not here to empower you, because you already have everything that makes you powerful. We women have the knowledge and resources to learn more, do more and achieve more.

With our skills and life experiences we discover our own world full of unique thoughts and emotions. No one can take these qualities from us and nor can someone give us permission, authority or power to show up our beauty and authenticity.

Although we are strong enough to take our own decisions, but sometimes, even empowered women need a reminder of their own magic. Sometimes when we do not feel good enough or smart enough or capable enough to achieve the things we want in life, we need someone to show us our strength.

If you are reading this, you already are an empowered woman, and if you need a reminder of what you have, let’s look at the picture more clearly.

Here are some of the equalities of an Empowered Woman

1. She knows who she is: An empowered woman exactly knows who she is. She is aware of herself and is confident enough about her strengths. She knows what she is good at, what she loves doing, her values and life beliefs and how to use all of these things to make a different world. She knows how to show up as her best self everyday.

2. She loves herself the way she is: An empowered women loves herself first because she knows in order to love someone else she must love her own soul. She accepts herself with all her flaws, mistakes and regrets. She keeps negativity at bay because she knows it doesn’t serve her. She knows that her body is not perfect and she anyway loves it. She is comfortable in her own skin and takes care of her body.

3. She is committed to continuous learning : An empowered women takes learning into her own hands. She knows that learning never stops and finds ways to grow and develop each day. She learns from her own mistakes and failures and cultivate gratitude practice. She knows that her mind and body are her best asset and show them off in every opportunity.

4. She gives wholeheartedly : An empower women knows the value of giving. She loves giving her time, talents, and treasures. She is a great helper and loves helping other women succeed. She supports her friends, team-mates and siblings in difficult time. She knows that by giving she won’t get less. Rather she is creating more for everyone.

5. She knows her worth : An empowered woman knows she is enough, just the way she is. She knows her value at home, at work and in the world. She knows what she deserves just as she deserves respect, a seat at the table, equal work, opportunities to grow. She knows that her worth is not measured in the way she looks. She knows she is worthy because she is a human being with a purpose on this Earth.


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