The level of excitement rises to another level before wedding as the days pass by. The wedding couple gets busy in shopping, packing, grooming and what not. And the amount of attention, you get as a bride or groom makes you feel special. You already feel like a star and the stunning backdrop with a hint of candidness in those pre wedding pictures increase your stardom. So, we have shortlisted the best Indian locations for your pre wedding shoot ideas to keep your memory long-lasting. These ideas can be implemented into wonderful photo shoot and you will remember them years after the wedding.

Let’s take a look at these ideas for your photoshoot to make your weddintg moments a little more precise and memorable.

1. A filmy saga: If you are a fan of bollywood stories and love to have those filmy poses, this one is the best option for you. Choose a bollywood theme that you like to replicate in your photoshoot. Get your costumes done and book a photographer. Brief him about the theme and get ready for jaw dropping photos and videos. You will how you as a couple step in the shoes of film actors and recreate the saga of your love.

2. The Vintage Look: If you are looking for a classy and different appeal, vintage shoot is the best option. Choose a museum, art gallery or a theme based location for creating a vintage pre wedding album. These venues are ideal for giving you the vintage appeal.

3. Love fitness?: If you are a fitness freak couple, gym is the best place to relive your lovey dovey moments. You can get best of your pre wedding clicks in those sweatpants and sports shoes. You can even use props like dumbbells or treadmill to give it a more real look.

4. A Gourmet Shoot: Are you a couple who loves to cook and bake? This cute cooking theme will make everyone go “awww” at your pictures. You can bake some delicious cake or just keep it simple by taking raw ingredients as a prop. Go for a decent kitchen and make your pre-wedding shoot memorable.

5. Library for Bookworms: A cute and geeky theme who love nothing more than books. If you are your partner are more into books rather than each other, get clicked in a library. Get a geeky costume with sunglasses and books all around. We are sure, your insta feed will get flooded with comments.

6. Display the Affection: If you are a couple who loves holding hands and quick hugs than make sure to capture the intimacy in your shoot. Intimate shoots are beautifully steamy and it also shows the perfect chemistry between you two.

7. Underwater Shoot: For those who love adventure and experiments, an underwater shoot is a must have. You can get those beautiful pictures with the fishes as well.

8. Mini You: The latest trend in town, miniature shoots are adorable, goofy and make you look super cute. Go for a miniature shoot if you want to make you pre-wedding album unique.


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