The pandemic of Covid-19 and the global lockdown has affected the country adversely. Employee firing, salary cuts, business downfalls and consumer spendings have been slowed down due to this corona era. But India being a land of festivals is all set to look forward for a rise to celebrate the most awaited festival “Diwali”.But with this tight budget, how are we gonna plan for the festival?

October and november bring a lots of festivals. Ganesh chaturthi, navratri, dussehra, karwa chauth and many more. It’s like a series of festivals that Indians celebrate with full joy. But above all is Diwali.Hindus celebrate Diwali with much craze and every passing year marks an increase in the expenditure on food, clothes and gifts. But this year with our low businesses and salary cuts, we all have lesser money to spend. Though the joy amd happiness of festive season is unparalleled, the effect of not planning our finances during this period can impact us in future. So, its high time to make a Diwali budget for your family. Keep reading to find out how you can enjoy Diwali 2020 in the least amount with maximum festivities.

1. Prioritize the expenses: The key to everything is based on plan. So, make a list of all your priorities that need to be done. Shopping for clothes for the family, food and sweets, gifts and home decor shall be discussed between the entire family and then purchases shall be made. Once you are done with all the demands and needs, allot an appropriate budget to each one of them. Prioritize the list of gifts and decide how much you are going to spend on friends and neighbors. Skip buying expensive home decor and focus on items that are actually needed.

2. No impulsive shopping: Once you are done with a plan, start looking out for the best deals. Don’t create a complete mess by buying two shirts instead of one. Impulse buying is a big no! Plan to buy things online so that you can get good deals and discounts. Look for various shopping sites, compare the prices and then make a purchase.

3. Say no to borrowing: You might feel short of money while shopping but if you have planned your spendings, you will never fall short of cash. So if you have second thoughts on borrowing or lending money, it is advisable not to do so. Keep some savings handy for unplaned expenses. There might be some last minute expenditures so make sure not to derail your budget.

4. Shop online: Make your diwali budget friendly by availing great discounts online. It is the most convinient and easy way to shop whatever you like. Plus you are also preventing yourself from the risk of getting infected in this difficult time. We are sure you will get good deals and coupons online.

Hope you are clear with the advantages of pre-planning a Diwali budget and will stick to the one. Have a happy and budget friendly Diwali. !!


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