It’s common to follow some famous Instagramers, some Youtubers & I truly feel sad for the grilling they have to go through day in & day out by random people. If we have to take an example of the situation like a random post by me on LinkedIn on how willing I was to help people if they need it. The status got a lot of eyeballs, needless to say most of them tried to educate me that how copied it was & how I lack the creativity to write something of my own. One of them even started wondering how I could be a Managing Director of the company?

Well, after a lot of if & buts, I thought of writing my take on these situations. Firstly, It was a totally harmless post. My intentions were real. I never claimed the post to be original but still I got a lot of hate. So, all in all, from what I see & understand is that People these days are so frustrated with their own lives that they really want to trigger anyone & everyone for no reason. I mean if you don’t help, just move on….If you do but not from me, still move on…why waste time over me or doubt my intentions? So, being thick skin to such comments & haters is the way (as per me) to move on.

They really fail to realize that no matter how advanced we are going with all the technological advancements, we are truly forgetting basics like Kindness, Forgiveness, Empathy. Do such people really weigh on how their judgements or cruel remarks crush the intentions of people who are honestly trying to help or someone who really is going through a bad day or through some life crises? I mean there’s always a choice on how we act.

So, my objective behind sharing this thought is to let you know that if you have faced hate or judgement on social media or in real life, don’t…Don’t..ever be sad or guilty or question your own capabilities or integrity. Just remember that some devils are born to pull you down so that you can rise stronger & no body apart from you knows yourself better. So, why waste time over some random person’s remark.

With the suicide rate going up, some much being talked about mental illness, depression…some of us are still not improving. Next time, whenever you are trying to type or say anything rude to someone, please remember that this world really needs a lot of Good people or people with good intentions so that the equilibrium of emotions can be maintained. This also reminds on why companies should hire Women at all levels because women do bring in the emotional balance to the ruthless corporate culture . Well, topic for some other day 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the read!!

Take Care & Stay Strong!!


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