Well, this word PCOD has taken over my world since I was 15 years old. I still remember getting my first periods when I was in my 7th Grade. Since then it was never normal for me. I got my 2nd period exactly after 6 months of my 1st. Then started this vicious cycle of visiting a gynaecologist and not getting periods on time.

Phew.. I used to wonder why me? Why I cant Have a normal routine like every other girl? But soon I realised PCOD is a syndrome found in 6 girls out of 10. Some have minor symptoms and some have serious symptoms. Be it any of the cases above dealing with PCOD is no child’s play. Those who don’t know what is PCOD is a brief description of the same.

What is PCOD?

I am not going by the dictionary meaning either using any of the medical terms. I am explaining PCOD as an experience.

Known as polycystic ovary disorder or syndrome PCOD is a disorder of hormones. When female body producers more of estrogen hormone she is likely to have PCOD. In PCOD the ovaries can not release eggs on time and you too that a female is likely to have disturbed menstrual cycles.

What are the symptoms of PCOD?

They are plenty. Female with PCOD main experience the following symptoms.

1. Irregular menstrual cycle
2. Irregular or excessive hair growth on the parts of the body
3. Painful cycles
4. Mood swings
5. Depression
6. Unexpected weight gain especially around tummy, hips and thighs.
7. Acne
8. Hair loss
9. Infertility
10. Poor appetite

Here I have listed only a few of the symptoms observed in the female with PCOD. But trust me living with PCOD is like battling for your femininity every single month.

PCOD and Me

No one really talks about it. It is a hormonal disorder and people think that it is quite normal. But the one who is suffering from 8 can only say that it is not at all normal.

That feeling of not getting your periods on time,
That extra hair on your face and on your body,
Heavy thighs and hips in spite of giving hell of forts to reduce weight,
Those medicines to manage hormones which kills every ounce of your mind,

The worst-case scenario starts as soon as you get married with PCOD. Visits to the gynaecologist and the fertility treatment break you in pieces and still, you cannot complain about it. Of course, PCOD is curable but it takes a lot of your time energy and patience to go through it. I am a mother of twins and I still suffer from PCOD.

Silver Line

PCOD can only defeat you when you are love it to do so. A balanced diet and undying a forts can defeat PCOD. It is not at all necessary that every woman who is suffering from PCOD have to go through fertility treatments to conceive. As stated earlier it is a hormonal disorder and it can be cured with simple medications also. Living with PCOD is like following a regime which you cannot give up on.


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