Parenthood is an amazing journey that brings a lot of excitement and responsibilities. The news of bringing a new life into this world is certainly overwhelming and joyful. Bringing a new born home, makes you realize this is indeed the most beautiful time and you should spend this with your little baby. At that time, you should not be worried about baby shopping and other things to buy for her needs. As a parent, you must be well prepared before-hand. We therefore have compiled a list of best baby products for your newborn that you can order online from Amazon.

In this list we have added top 10 baby products that you will need from the day you visit the hospital for your delivery to your baby’s first birthday.

#1.Swaddles :

Inside the womb, babies are used to being in a closed and warm space for months. When he/she enters the world, the sense of security vanishes. Swaddling helps them feel safe and comfortable and provides quality sleep.

We strongly recommend this product from a not so well known brand called Kaarpas. Kaarpas swaddles are made using organic cotton and very soft and cosy for your baby. Each swaddle comes in a cute little bag.

To buy these super comfy swaddles click on the link below

Price Range : You will get these swaddles at Amazon with a price range of Rs. 495 to Rs. 799/-

#2. Diapers :

Diapers are the most important product that you will be needing for the first couple of years. You can go for either reusable cloth diapers or the disposable ones for your baby. For the starting six months, we would suggest you to go for the more convenient option of

We highly recommend going for Pampers Premium Care Diapers as these are extra soft and keeps your baby’s skin dry and protected from rashes.

Checkout this product and it’s sizes on this link

Price Range: The price of the product varies as per the packing size and the size of the diapers. The average cost is Rs. 10.47/ diaper.

#3. Feeding Bottles :

When it comes to buying feeding bottles for babies, you will get enormous options out there. But we will recommend the Philips Avent bottles.
The nipples of these bottles have been designed to ensure it is easy and comfortable for the baby to latch on to. They have a twin value system (Anti-colic system) while does not allow the air to entice your baby’s stomach while feeding. This helps prevent/reduce the colic build up in your baby.

There are multiple benefits to buying Philips Avent. All their products are compatible with each other. So it helps to save cost as your baby grows.

You can buy this product from Amazon

Price Range: The cost of Philips Avent Natural Feeding bottle (260ml) is around Rs. 499/bottle

#4. Diaper Rash Cream:

The continuous use of diapers may cause rashes on your baby’s delicate skin. If you find your baby’s bottom or thighs slightly red, you must use diaper rash cream to provide relief to your baby.

We suggest using natural or organic creams. They might look expensive, but once you buy the cream it can last you for months to come. We recommend using the Mom Co. natural diaper rash cream as it contains zinc oxide which is the essential element in fighting rashes.

To buy this product click on the link below

Price Range : You can get this diaper rash cream at an affordable price of Rs. 199/-

#5. Baby Oil :

Massaging your baby has many benefits. Massaging strengthens baby’s muscles and also promotes good sleep. You can use virgin coconut oil but we would recommend using Sebamed baby massage oil for massaging your baby.

Click on the link below to buy this product

Price Range: You can get the soothing massage oil at Rs. 440/- from Amazon.

#6. Body Wash & Shampoo

We would suggest to use a body wash since it is easier to use compared to a soap. If you haven’t tried out a body shampoo, try it once. It is a lot less messy and also there is minimal wastage of the product.

We personally like to use Chicco Baby Moments. This product is free of Parabens, SLS and SLES (Harmful chemicals). It is also a no-tears product, so you don’t have to worry about the shampoo water going into the baby’s eyes.

The Buy Link for this product is

Price: Chicco gentle body wash and shampoo are available at an affordable price of Rs. 454/-.

#7. Wet Wipes : If you are comfortable, you can use a soft cloth and some warm water to wipe your baby clean. However, if you need a more convenient option a wet wipe is a good choice.

Mee Mee wet wipes with aloe vera extract is a good choice. It is one of the top-selling wet wipes online and is also an economical choice. The product is also paraben free and is safe for babies.

Check out this product online on Amazon at

Price: Mee Mee wet wipes are quite reasonable and you can buy a pack of 72 pieces at just Rs. 239/-

#8. Baby Bag / Diaper Bag

This is the first and one of the most important products that you would require. This product is specially designed for new moms.The bag contains pockets to accommodate baby bottles. It is waterproof and has a changing pad which you can use to change the diaper of your baby.

It has enough space to accommodate all the essential products you will need to carry with your baby. We recommend using R for Rabbit Caramello – Diaper Bag for New Mom.

You can get this product at

Price: This multi-purpose diaper bag costs you around Rs. 1699/-


A very useful product if you stay in a locality with good (empty of vehicles) roads. You can also use the stroller in shopping malls or on the evening/morning walks.

Babies also find it much easier and comfortable in a stroller. They can take their nap, while you do your work/shop. Most strollers also have good storage space.We recommend buying the R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Stroller. It is well designed, looks good, is sturdy enough and has all the basic features required.

Get this product online at Amazon

Price : This product comes with an affordable price of Rs. 4223/- on Amazon.

#10. Nail Clipper:

The Baby’s Doctor might not recommend clipping the newborn’s nails for the first few weeks. However, eventually, you will have to clip them. It is not recommended to use adult nail clippers as your baby’s nails are very fragile and small. This might injure them.

Nail clippers for babies are not very expensive and we will recommend you to buy Chicco Baby Nail Scissor.

Buy this nail scissor online from

Price : This nail scissor comes in a cute packing and is quite reasonable too. You can get this in Rs. 257/- from Amazon.


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