Stealing some ME TIME in lockdown

It seems like the world is witnessing some drastic changes full stop no one is unaffected by the situation this pending has created. The new normal are taking over some of the fundamental ways in which the humankind was living until now. There is a lot of chaos and uncertainty in the prevailing environment. Everybody is struggling with something or the other every day since this pandemic has hit the world. I am not exaggerating the fact that women are in the miserable condition during this pandemic. Now the question is why miserable?

Earlier women were entitled to take care of the home as well as an office if she is working which still they are mostly. Devoting time to one’s self as important as devoting time to others. Somewhere women fail to find some ME time due to hectic schedules. Which COVID-19 and new normal it is harder now. As they say, there are always ways if you have a will.

While writing these tips, I am assuming that due to COVID 19 domestic help is not available to most of the ladies like Me! So how can we steal some time for yourself in spite of working round the clock?

Tips for sparing Me Time

Some tricks and tips I always use to get a piece of day for myself are here.

Be Realistic

I know it sounds like a Gyan but it is true. Women tend to set an unrealistic work schedule for herself where they plan to do almost everything. This is not a race. Calm down and relax. Plan your work keeping in mind that you are a human and not a machine.

Prepare a list of exceptions

Yes, in our routine there are certain chores which can be exempted if needed. These chores even if not done on an everyday basis will not have any impact. For example, Laundry. You can wash clothes on alternate days or on weekends if the situation permits.

Cook Limited Items

Regularly if you are cooking 5 items in a meal, cut it short to 3. Cooking a full meal not only takes time but also increases the number of utensils. It is okay if you are not a master chef for your family. You can always welcome if someone else from the family wishes to add items in a meal but on their own 🙂

Ask for help

Read it right. Asking is mentioned not begging. It is necessary for a family to work together and no one is doing favours on others. Make it a habit. Be it your kids or even your partner. You can always divide duties especially when you are running out of domestic helpers.

What to do when you finally get some Me time?

After following these tricks when you will have some piece of your time what you will do? Dear ladies, don’t be modest and do some extra chores for the house at this time.

Make sure you rest enough to get going. Have a hobby to keep your creative instincts alive. Do what makes you feel alive. This time of day is only yours and should be spent on self! If not anything, stand in front of the mirror and get ready for the one you see!


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