Masaba Masaba- A must watch mother daughter duo

A fabulous mother daughter duo series which was released on Aug 28, 2020. It caught my attention when I accidentally watched its trailer. The young and talented fashion designer Masaba Gupta was arguing with a shopkeeper over a “Masaba Print” fabric which he insisted is imported from Africa. Being a huge fan of Neena ji, I was stunned after watching the song ” Aunty kisko bola be”. To be true, I was quite confused at first that whether the show was a biopic, a series or a fictional story. Few minutes after watching I went so deep into the show that I ended up binge watching it. Both Neena ji and Masaba are giving us a glimpse into their lives in this refreshing series.

The series then heads to discover other elements of Masaba’s life that we read or discuss on social media. Creative blocks, ad campaigns, bad decisions, investor’s issues, divorce and breakups- name it and you have it all.

Every episode make you believe that this messy girl whose life is falling part is a real talent and you end up loving this curly haired girl. She is looking stunning in every frame and is effortlessly beautiful. You may even wonder why Masaba never acted before as she is comfortable in her skin and even better than her talented Neena Gupta. The mother daughter bond makes you believe that nothing is more beautiful in the world. The two independent women fight with each other like many mothers and daughters, but when there is trouble they both stand with each other like a rock.

I completely fell for their chemistry.

Coming onto Neena ji, who is a talented actor is seen fighting for her lost respect and roles in the industry. She is looking extremely gorgeous and giving us mother goals. Characters like Kiara Adwani, Malvika Manmohan and Farah Khan fail to convince you. You don’t get enough time to pay attention into these side appetizers as you have a lot to invest in Masaba and her mum’s life.

Rytasha Rathore who is endearing as Masaba’s best friend Jia Irani, Pooja Bedi’s character as Masaba’s life coach is an exaggeration. Shibani Dandekar is quite convincing as an artist, although hers is only a very small appearance among other celebrities like Farah Khan, Malavika Mohanan, Gajraj Rao, Mithila Palkar, etc. – all of whom appear as themselves in the series.
As for the men — be it Satyadeep Mishra who plays her unhappy husband, Neil Bhoopalan, the nagging investor, or Smaran Sahu, the hot co-worker she crushes on — their job is to either bring trouble or look hot.

The director Sonam Nair takes you on a joyride through the messy life of a young woman with dreams, who fails miserably at everything, but always manages to pick up those pieces and get going without losing her true identity.

The writing is just okay and characters aren’t sketched out enough but there are many events that will make you laugh and you will enjoy the little failures and success. Certainly a cliche, but entertaining.!!


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