We as adults always teach stuff to kids about different things but do you know there are many things which can be learned from kids. This might sound pretty absurd to you but it is true. There is something which we lose as we age and sometimes those things are important for leading a good life.

In this article, we are going to talk about things which are lessons from these kids

1 -Breathing

You might have thought we will start with something philosophical and learn to live life freely and all. Although those things are right and we do need to learn those aspects too, it is a fact that most babies breathe better than adults.

So what does breath like baby mean? If you see a baby lying on its back you should see how its tummy moves. If Inspected closely you can see the tummy goes up and down as it breaths. This means that the baby is breathing air fully by till it compresses its diaphragm but pushes its stomach. But we as most adults don’t breathe till our belly gets bigger we just breathe only a little.

Breathing properly is one of the best things you can do to your body in terms of improving your health and wellness. It helps in giving proper quantities of oxygen to your body which helps them perform more effectively. After reading this I know you breathing till you fill your lungs now.

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2 – Emotions

When we are adults we seem to have trouble expressing what we feel to others. This causes a lot of communication gaps which deteriorates the relationship between people. But our kids seem to have no problem they just communicate their emotions better. If they are sad they instantly show their reactions on their face indicating to other people they are sad. If they get annoyed by others they show their scrawny face which looks cute, to be honest.

As adults, we get too caught up in not letting others think which will not effectively communicate our stand on different things in life.

3 – Ego

This is a big one The ego likes it or not plays a very important role in our day-to-day lives whatever people post on social media that they are all going to leave this earth so we should not have the ego to others and all seem to have it it it no effect whatsoever. But kids don’t show ego and all it is just instilled later on in life.

This ego causes a lot of trouble in our relationships but deep down inside they have their child versions who are dying to speak to the other person it manifests in many forms. For example, a lot of prejudices and discrimination are just thought and instilled into these kids. Make them meet as kids they would treat each other as fellow human beings despite their status, looks, or money.

4 – Mistakes

This can also be considered as an extension to the previous ego para but this is a very important issue that requires its sub heading. When we are young we don’t care about failing but as we grow up we are scared of making a mistake thinking that it causes ridicule from others this stems from being insecure and/or the ego for looking perfect.

Remember no matter who you are people make mistakes but correcting them and moving forward is the right way. Due to this false fear, people lose out on relationships, career opportunities, and a lot more

We have come to the end of the article. We hope you have gained some valuable advice from kids. If you think there are any other important things e should know about kids feel free to comment below.


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