If we were in the 90s, we would have said “Love”. But the 21st century has changed a lot many things. Women these days are smart, strong, and financially independent. Gone are the days when females were considered a little lower than males. Women, indeed have left no stone unturned in any field and are excelling far beyond the expectations of society.

When it comes to relationships, men always prefer to be a woman’s, first love. Some say, dating a woman is getting tougher day by day as it is difficult to understand what they want. But the fact is a woman just seeks an honest partner and a long-lasting relationship. So, if you are also wondering that what your girl wants other than love, keep on reading as it will give you a clear understanding of this question.

#1. Honesty and Clarity

Honesty is the best policy. It is something that is inbuilt and can’t be taught to everyone. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Women seek an honest and generous partner. Just like men, women also cannot accept dishonesty in relationships.

Another factor that women pay attention to in a relationship is clarity of thoughts. She wants to be on the same page as you are and walk down the roads of commitment by holding her hand. She expects you to tell her what she means to you by talking out or doing something out of the box.

#2. Patience and Understanding

Sometimes, women can be hard and confusing to understand. This is not a habit and mostly it is due to the fear of losing you. Mood swings and women are highly related and this is the reason why women want you to have a high-level understanding. They can be as sweet as honey at one moment and can erupt like a volcano in the very next moment. They sometimes push you all of a sudden and without knowing will pull you back to them.
So, patience is the only thing that they expect from you.

#3. Respect

Respect- again is one of the most important attributes that women seek in a healthy relationship. We have been taught to worship our husbands and treat them as God. But in a relationship, respect has to be mutual. Women want a man who respects their thoughts, their work and have a positive opinion about their personality.

#4. Closeness and Intimacy

Every woman wants to be physically, emotionally, and mentally close to her man. She wants an eternal bond in which you do not need to be in the same room to feel your love. The feeling between you two must be too strong to let anybody else in. She wants to be with you in every possible way at every moment.

Just like men, women also have some physical and sexual needs. It is an important way to keep your bond lively and refreshed. Your girl expects you to satisfy her sexually and keep the spark of your love life glowing.

#5. Love and Affection

Last but not the least, love and affection are the basis of a healthy relationship. Women always prefer to be their partner’s priority even if they have a 10-year-old marriage. She wants to spend quality time with her man, go for long walks, watch a romantic movie or have a dinner date. These small gestures mean a lot to her and she can find happiness in these little things. Women like to be praised and loved by their partners immensely.

The Takeaway

Women never ask for a superhero rather they want their man to treat them equally and lovingly. She aspires to a partner who stands with her in ups and downs and treats her like a queen.

Did we miss something? Share your thoughts with us and let us know what women look for in a healthy relationship.


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