Last 3 weeks were a hell of a roller coaster. It started with so much joy & happiness. The week had a trip planned after 5 whole months. It was a much awaited trip to Lucknow to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday BUT little did I know of what destiny plans for you. As they say, all plans fail in front of God’s plan.

Early Monday morning, kids tucked in the car, we were set to kick start our 500+ kms drive to meet my side of the family after a year / my mom after 5 whole months. After 7 + hours, we were in Lucknow, stuffing our faces with food my family knows I love. The plans were revised, the evening was celebrated & the cake was cut at midnight with mummy’s favourites around her. Next day was action packed, with kids online school, office calls, food preps for the evening, we got a call at 2 pm that my mom in law got admitted to the hospital. She was having issues with her breathing but during her monthly appointments doctor didn’t take a note & we categorised that as allergic & was giving her steam at home BUT little did we know that it was getting worse & we all will have to land in the hospital. So, we were back on the road & reached Delhi at 9 pm. Honestly, there was so much guilt I carried in my heart. The first day was hard for all of us because they simply took her to the Isolation & wanted to run some Covid tests. After close to 30 hours & 2 covid tests (both negative), mummy was put on NIV support & admitted in MICU.

Situations like these are tough because they drain you emotionally, test your commitment towards your family, not just your husband BUT also help you evolve as a stronger person.

The first fear that we overcame was the fear of admitting her during Covid times. I am not sure on how & what hospitals are failing to meet expectations. MAX Hospital did an amazing job. From screening to treating, they ensure that patients are handled in the best manner, their family members are briefed on timely manner & answer our endless questions & concerns. Another point of observation that my hubby & I were discussing was how “Lucky” the government employees are for being covered 100% medically. I mean I call it a luxury.

Another thing that I learned from this incident was on how introverted I am as a person & during such situations, my heart & mind simply refuses to take any calls or entertain any queries from friends or relatives. I just feel too exhausted to answer the same questions again & again. On top of it, the whole situation gets repeated & it’s emotionally challenging for my body & mind. So, yeah I ignored a lot of calls shamelessly because I think I do reserve the right to sort myself first.

The most important learning of all was that there is so much love you can give or capable of giving. After 15 years of marriage, I love my mom & my mom in law almost equally. While my mom has had her share of challenges, sacrifices in raising us right, my mom in law has given me all the independence, love & nurturing a young married girl needs in the marriage. Her hospitalisation has made me realise how much as a family we need her & she is the one who is keeping us all connected, grounded & guided. I am so proud of the equation we have created after years of adjustments from both ends.

As a result of prayers, she is back home & recovering while I am secretly smiling with joy & thankfulness to have her back. I think I am also planning a party to celebrate life, to celebrate family, to celebrate love & to celebrate the blessings of elders of the house!!


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