So, the thing is, I am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. And as a full time mommy now, I really do not get time to think about the stuff. And on the top of everything, 80% of resolutions are broken by February! Agree?

Everyone of us looks at the new year to make positive changes in our lives and with the roller coaster 2020, we really are hoping many positive things in 2021. Many of us have already thrown away the old calendar that was filled with horrible dates and figures about Covid-19 and zoom meetings. After all that we faced in 2020, we need a fresh and a hopeful start in this new year 2021.

With Covid-19 still around, we may face economic uncertainty any point of time but kicking it off and starting the new year with full of hopes and positivity is the only way. To boost up my productivity, I have started working on some of my favorite things that I will be sharing with you today. Get ready to inject a full dose of positivity in your life with some basic life mantras.

1. Mindful Meditation : The best way to start your year is to begin practicing meditation. We all are well aware of meditation but mindfull meditation involves a moment by moment awareness of thoughts, senses, feelings and surroundings. It is an amazing way to pause the mental jumps we experience throughout the day. It’s about pausing to focus on your breath, your body and physical environment. It has many positive effects on mental health and body. If you are looking for something to help you sleep or clear your head before starting your work, a short five minute break to help yourself, mindful meditation reduces your stress and increases your productivity.
2. Set goals : Set challenging goals outside of your professional life. It is highly productive to set benchmarks for long and short term to grow as a person. Have a good work-life balance and live quality life. If you feel that you lack this balance, invest in your personal development outside of work. Set some goals related to fitness, home, marriage and relations. This is an excellent way to develop personally. Achieving these goals boosts confidence and help us to solve our problems. But make sure that your goals are realistic and concrete.
3. Home and office makeover : With the news of vaccination, many offices and companies are reopening. But one effect that is staying with us is work-from-home. The remote work and hybrid models are the upcoming trends. So you may use your home as your office now. New year is the perfect time to give your home a fresh makeover. Invest into designing a beautiful and eco friendly work corner at your home. Buy some comfortable chairs and pillows to sit back and work for long hours. You must also spend some time and amount in setting up the perfect lighting that will help you work effectively.

As we have already entered 2021 and breathed a sigh of relief, ditch the usual empty resolutions and focus on realistic goals to kick start your 2021.


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