With June getting over in no time, it was surely one crazy month. So many good & bad things happened this month that even the thought feels overwhelming.

I personally struggled for 2 weeks in June because of many reasons like Covid-19 numbers not getting any better, people having high expectations but not willing to change themselves & reading about Sushant Singh’s sudden demise. I mean I wonder why do people give up so easily? Not that I am saying for the sake of saying, I personally had some challenging years while growing up but I am glad we kept going, my family kept going, I kept going & turned things to our favour. The point is no matter what happens, one needs to trust the timings & having faith in God, your destiny or whomsoever, you believe will give you the strength to keep going. Few things you can do to keep going is:

1. Talk to your family / Keep them close: Family can work like a magic on your mental state. Share your fears, talk it out. Honest Talks will help them come forward & support you in the best possible ways.

2. Seek Professional Help: There is no shame in taking help from a professional. They are trained & equipped to help you better.

3. Identify people / situations that bring you stress: What’s more important? Committing Suicide or Backing off from the source that brings stress?? As per me, the second option looks more lucrative. Life is a blessing not a race where winning at all cost matters. If people / situations are not in favour, leave it!! Back off, channelize your energies on identifying alternate options & lead it. It’s normal to fail, to be mediocre. I mean winning is overrated 😉

4. Lower those expectations: Do you also sulk over people not responding to your emotions in the way you want them to? Realization on how often we sulk, sulk over things, people, expectations, behaviours etc will help us open up to new behaviours trends & be easy on ourselves & others too. Try to control those thoughts & keep them positive & most importantly “”keep the expectations low”.

5. Time Out: Talk a time out. Vacations are healing. Hobbies are opportunities to learn new things & explore other sides of life.

I am no expert but I am sharing points based on what I have read / seen & experienced.

What else do you do to keep yourself mentally charged & fit??


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