Wedding season has just begin and preparations are getting tight. As your big day is apporaching, you might be busy finalizing things. A big part of it is deciding your make-up and style that suits your criteria. Every bride wants to discover the best look to enhance her features. Choosing the right make-up artist is quite a tricky task as it must turn you stunning and not look like its made up. To keep you worry free we have curated a list of top Indian make-up artists that will help you choose and decide a perfect look for your wedding day. Keep scrolling and enjoy reading!!

1. Shalini Singh : One of the most famous freelance make-up artist, Shalini Singh specializes in bridal make-up, party styling and portfolio make-over. She also holds a markable position in fashion and ramp. She has conducted many workshops and live sessions to demonstrate the make-up skills which makes her a big name in make-up industry. She is also associated with leading fashion designers and models. If you are looking for a professional and alluring look, you must book her asap.

2. Anu Kaushik : She is one of the well known artists in Delhi and her unique make-up skills make her the queen of bridal make-up. She is in the heart of every Delhi bride-to-be. She is a pro in various make-up techniques such as bridal make-up, party make-up, airbrushing, hairstyling, manicure and pedicure.

3. Tejasvini Chander: She trends as one of the best hair and make-up artists. She is also a pro in fashion styling. Tejasvini Chander is famous for her understated and glamorous work in the fashion industry. If you are a bride who wants a fresh, flawless and worth-a-stare look, Tejasvini Chander will make you look stunning.

4. Aakriti Kochar : Based in Delhi, Aakriti Kochar is a professional freelance make-up artist. For her, every bride is special and she treats them the same. She specializes in making you look like a princess by transforming you completely. She can make your biggest day the most unforgettable day. Aakriti Kochar specializes in Bridal make-up and hair.

5. Michelle Montes : Michelle Montes has a clean hand in giving the best and natural look that is suited on her bride. She never fails to make her brides look stunning and flawless. Michelle Montes is one of the leading freelance celebrity bridal stylists and is famous for trending bridal make-up and hair.

6. Chandni Singh: Get that princess look with a famous Indian artist Chandni Singh. She is based in New Delhi and offers superb services. Her work makes you look like a fairytale and a new beautiful you. She is one of the best make-up artists in Delhi and is know for natural bridal make-up service.

7. Jharna Shah: She is known for offering the perfect look that you wish on your wedding day. Jharna Shah gives you a close reflection of the wedding princess by her unique and flawless make-up skills. She is a pro in accentuating your features making you look dead drop gorgeous.

Now as we have shared the top names for bridal make-up and styling, its time to find out which one among them is the best for you. Choose the perfect one to get an empress look on your big day.


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