Don’t you think praising your body the way it is, is the best way to love yourself. Telling yourself “main apni favorite hoon” and meaning it too is quite a task. The idea seems difficult if you are suffering from body-image issues. But you got to realize that things get worsen if you start body shaming yourself.

Post pregnancy, I started hating my body. I had been around a handful of women who curse themselves for not having a picture-perfect body. Even I got sick of listening, “arey baby k baad moti ho gai he”, “tu to abhi bhi 3 months pregnant lag rahi” and bla bla. The transition of turning to a lover from a critic is difficult and takes a lot of time. But these tips may help you to make it a little easy:

1. Exercise and exercise: Exercise. No not because you have to achieve the perfect body everyone admires. The logic is quite simple. Physical activity is the best way to uplift the mood and makes you feel good. Exercising keeps you distracted and releases the happy harmones in your body which in turn helps you think positive.

2. Reality Check: The slim waist line and the glass cleared skin which you see in movies and magazines is not the last thing in the world. The actresses and models earn their living through acting and looks. Hence they are surrounded by an army of stylists, makeup artists, fitness coaches who keep the track of each and everything they need. And moreover, the photo editing apps and the team of experts make them look beyond perfect. And my dear you do not have that army to don’t expect to look like them. Be real, be you.

3. Unhealthy v/s Unappealing: Understand the difference between unhealthy and unappealing. You must know that body positivity isn’t about being unhealthy. Its about accepting anything about your body that is beyond the risk of obesity and health risks. Those stretch marks you got after delivering the baby are the sign of bravery. Those scars show your glorious past and your tummy without those abs signify that you are a human being.

4. Life is not just about looks: The idea is to think beyond looks. You must start making deeper connections that are more real. Be around fitness conscious people who can inspire you to work towards your health. Make new friends (who are not toxic) and divert your attention away from looks. Take a break, go out and have fun.

5. Body Positivity is time consuming: Change is the law of nature. Everything changes. But that change doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t expect to start liking yourself after years of disliking. The acceptance grow over time. Just try to be neutral before you decide to follow body positivity.

6. Stay Positive: Saying positive things require the same amount of energy and efforts as negative ones. You might have to push yourself and say positive comments about your body in the beginning. But let me tell you a fact, even a lie repeated a hundred times sounds like truth.

So girls take advantage of this phenomenon and stop self sabotaging.


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