Being busy is beautiful, but there are times when everyone of us wants to press the pause button from our regular work stuff. Some days are the toughest. We want to scream, we want to burst into tears, we want to derail our paths and what not. Sooner or later when things get smooth again, we realize that this was just a phase that passed on. When we look at the larger picture we get to know that what we called “crisis” or “chaos” at work never existed.

Problems seem to be quite bigger but no one have ever lost a life or an arm or a leg during this so called “work crisis”. It is self manufactured and most people get anxiety and depression in no time.

When you are trying to keep hold of overflowing emotions and work, you need to stay a little more calmer. But how? Let’s learn to manage these emotions to get through the heat of he moment.

1. Pause: Leave the situation for a short while by taking a pause. Create a feeling of confidence and tell yourself that shit happens and what you are dealing with is just ordinary. This will help you to get some space. Create a long pause and look for ways to find an appropriate positive response. Avoid being impulsive as it may have negative consequences. Make a habit of creating a pause if you feel a crisis like situation.

2. Take Breaks: Refuel and refresh your mind by taking breaks and timeouts. Breaks don’t always mean that you are not working. Grab some chocolates or munch on a snack or sip a coffee. Step out of the four walls to get some fresh air. Sometimes, brain needs some time to think something fruitful. These timeouts are a great help to think logical, creative and be calmer.

3. Find reason to be Happy: Go back to things that make you happy. The best formula to reduce anxiety levels and boost your mind. Read your favorite book, browse some internet, play a game, meditate, listen to music, shop some stuff and distract yourself to calm down. You can easily kickstart to deal with your problem once you are calm and happy.

4. Pay Attention to your Emotions: You must realize that emotions are not always due to external forces. Our senses and our mind creates our emotions. Before blaming others, resolve the inner conflicts. Acknowledge your emotions and that gives you immense self control and a sense of direction to reduce stress.

5. Flip the coin: We loose perspective and thats the most common issue we deal with during a hard work situation. We never ask ourselves that whats going on here and what shall be the perspective to fix this problem. We should try to look the problem from a third person point of view. It helps to reduce the intensity of the crisis.

Remember, ups and downs are the part of ones life and one big eternal truth is ” This too shall pass!”


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