While getting ready for a party, have you ever found the color of your face and neck different? Or the make up you put on makes you look dark? Or you suddenly start glowing like a bulb? I certainly have, and the answers to all these questions is “wrong shade of foundation”. We girls often face these problems and wonder what the hell went wrong. But the fact is there is no one foundation that fits all. For that flawless natural glowing skin, it is important to choose the right foundation.

So here is our go to guide for finding the right shade and how to apply foundation perfectly.

Tips to find the perfect shade of foundation.

1. Find your skin tone: Skin tones are majorly split into three categories- Light, medium and deep. We Indians largely have medium skin tone while light skin reflects Caucasians and deep is for Africans. Medium skin can further be divided into beige, tan, honey and other colors. So if you want to have the perfect shade of foundation, the first and foremost thing to do is finding your skin tone. Once you are done with this, you can never go wrong with your foundation shade.

2. Find your undertone: Skin undertone is the color that comes through the skin from underneath its surface. Skin undertone splits into three types- warm, neutral and cool. Try the following tests to identify your skin tone:
● The wrist test : If the color of your veins appear purple or blue, you are having a cool undertone, if they are green or olive, you are warm and if you are unable to identify the color, you are having neutral undertone.
● The sun test: If your skin turns red when you go out in sun, you have a cook undertone amd if it gets tanned easily you have a warm undertone.

3. How to choose the best match from swatch: Once you are done with knowing the skin color and undertone, it’s now easy for you to choose the right foundation from a handful of shades. It’s time to test the shades on your skin and find the perfect match. Shortlist two or three shades that closely match your skin tone. Now dab some of each as lines on your jaw line. Apply some of it on your neck. The foundation must blend seamlessly. Now remove two swatches that you find are not perfectly blending. Spread the final shade across the jawline and put a cotton bud soaked in make remover right in the middle of the line. If you don’t notice any difference between your skin and the foundation, this is the shade for you. Remember to check the shade on your neck and face both.

Different seasons ask for different makeup foundations. In summers, skin tone appears a little dark while in winters a little pale. So if you find that the foundation is not working well, it’s time to switch. Opt for an oil or cream based foundation during winters and mousse or water based in summers.


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