And here comes the most daunting thing to shop, the Perfect Bra. Yes it is. Finding a bra that fits you flawlessly is more tricky than finding a perfect pair of jeans. Trust me on this majority of women wear a wrong sized bra. Even I used to wore it few months ago. After I gave birth, I was so desperate to wave a goodbye to my maternity clothes but not my super comfortable bras. And when I finally gave my nursing bras I thought my old bras would fit. But girl, why this underwire and cups are digging me into sides? I lost pounds yet I wasn’t able to fit into my old sexy push ups.

To find the right one, I decided to go shopping (bra shopping is such a pain).It wasn’t my first experience of lingerie shopping so I was pretty sure about the expectations. Atmost I assumed that I would go up one size but went at 38C from 36B!! This was huge. Pretty huge.

Finding the Flawless Fit

Before you declare bras as the most uncomfortable thing and give up on them, let me tell you one thing bras are as comfortable as your pyjamas. Consider getting a professional bra fitting and you will feel the same. My fitting led me away from those uncomfortable ones and I got the size that fit like glove. If you are also struggling to find that perfect fit, we are here for you. Let’s understand the basics first.

1. The cup size: The major reason why so many ( about 80%) of women wear the wrong bra size. They never get professionally measured and choose a random cup size based on assumptions.
First lets start what all sizes are available generally.

A = small
B = average
C = larger than average but not quite ‘big’ yet
D = big
Anything above D = enormous

And here comes the twist. Your cup size alone doesn’t say anything about the size of your boobs. It indicates the difference between your band size and the circumference of your breasts. If there is a one inch difference you need an A cup, if there’s a two inch you got to have B cup and so on. So, the band size measured along with your cup size tells the actual volume of your breasts.

2. The Band Size: Misconceptions about band size are much more huge than cup size. They both go in opposite direction. Most women over estimate the band size. If you are slim and have a narrow back you should opt for 28 or 26 band size to support your breasts. If you wear band sizes that are too big you may end up having saggy boobs.

4 steps to find the perfect fit

1. Get professional measurement or measure yourself: Go on for professional measurements at a bra store to find that perfect fit. You can also measure your band size and cup size by a measuring tape all by yourself.

2. Read reviews about the styles: Before you try on different styles and sizes, make sure that you find the one that suits your breast shape. Reviews can also help you to decide the pattern and size to try on.

3. Shape matters: Before you buy those expensive lacy and underwired ones, be sure about the shape of your breasts. Not all the bras are made for everyone.

4. Beware of different brand sizing: Sticking to one brand is quite boring. So if you want to switch to another brand for some trendy stuff, make sure that you understand the sizing differences of both of them.

Just remember, the most important criteria to find a perfect bra is that it should feel comfortable. That back strap should lie flat against your back without riding up or falling down.

That’s it Folks. Hope you have a happy and comfortable lingerie shopping.!!


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