No two children have the same personality even kids who are twins who have the same genetic makeup have different personalities owing to different experiences in their life. In this article, we are going to talk about how we can help to enhance and improve the child’s personality and how to reduce any bad personality traits

Keep a watch and interact

Always watch out for your kid’s behavior. See how he behaves with other people in different situations etc. Always spend a reasonable amount of time with them even if you have a busy schedule. This will give you a good idea about your kid’s behaviour.

While interacting with your child remember to listen more than you talk this will give them more opportunity to express themselves which tells a lot about their personality. You can talk about the different things and events that happened during the day and how they are reacting to it. Watch carefully how they react to the negative experiences and positive ones.

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If your kid is having very anti-social behavior when anything goes against them then make sure your cut it in the bud, Delaying it further will only make it think it is ok to react like this and they will repeat it again and again.

One good example I have seen a lot of times let alone kids sometimes adults also indulge in this behavior when things don’t go their way. So when you always give in to your kids wants whenever they put up a tantrum or shout around throwing things etc this will put a bad impression in the kid’s mind that they can just put up a tantrum when things don’t go their way. This behaviour will cause a lot of problems in the future and the kid’s life cause just because you put up a tantrum people won’t do what you want it is most likely to be the opposite and give a bad name for the kid parents only.

 Engage with your child

Join in the activities of your child if your kid is doing any work or playing around with toys or other kids join them this will help to improve the bonding with your kids, even more, Bring out your inner child and experience with your kids the thing you probably wanted when you were a kid and relive your desire with your child and maybe also their friends as a companion.

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Patience and understanding

Kids are sometimes tough and it requires a great amount of patience and understanding to deal with your kid’s behavior. Kids sometimes might just be stubborn and cause you a lot of headaches. It is your job as a parent to keep your mind calm, cool and collected at all times dealing with children.

We have come towards the end of the article hope this gave a good insight into how to enhance your ids behaviour and personality remember sometimes you can’t change everything about your kid and it is ok for your kid to be sassy at times. If you have any great points to add we would love to hear them from you in the comments below


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