Children often get stubborn and angry and this is quite normal. But when your little one gives you a lot of trouble by acting aggressive and violent, it is essential to understand why your child is behaving in this manner. Before you scold or punish them, you must know that they are not mature enough to understand what is right or wrong. We all are well aware of the fact that they learn their behavior from their surroundings. Let’s take a look in detail why children have destructive behavior and what as a parent you can do to correct it.

Signs of Destructive Toddler

Occassional stomping on toys, throwing stuff around and pulling their hair can be normal. Almost every child engage in these activities once in a while. But when they start showing these characteristics on regular basis, it is the sign of destructive behavior.

1. Aggression

Considered as the first sign of self destructive kids, aggression can be both physical and verbal. Children often engage in this kind of behavior to gain parents’ attention. The severity can be established from the age of the child. For instance, if your toddler is snatching things from other children it may be considered normal but if your elder kid is throwing tantrums it can be a sign of some issue.

2. Self-Harm

Children having negative behavior may harm themselves by burning, cutting or hitting. You may find them involved in activities that include self-hurt and pain. This may be due to some hidden or suppressed anger, depression, fear, sadness or frustration.

3. Destruction of Property

Angry and destructive kids often engage in breaking and destructing things around them. The child have no feelings towards anyone and has no signs of regards. He/ she has no fear and this behavior may be due to anger, frustration and other negative emotions.

4. Disturbing Nature

Self destructive kids have disturbing nature and they interfere with other people’s jobs and make their work more difficult. They do not listen to anyone and may disobey their elders. They often break rules and try to get attention in improper ways.

Tips to help children with Anger and Destructive Behavior

1. Understand your Child : No two children are alike so parents need to understand and appreciate your child’s personality and needs. Be a part of your child’s life and understand more about him. Find out their school routine and what is bothering him. Learn about his hobbies, likes and dislikes.

2. Make a routine : Keep your child occupied in doing something constructive and fruitful. Children who follow a routine are less likely to become destructive. So it is good idea to set a proper routine for your kids and develop positive habits in them.

3. Prevention is the Key : If you notice destructive personality traits, punishing and scolding will not help. It may further worsen the situation. So the best way to stop such behavior is to prevent it. Observe for signs of misbehavior and spend time with your kid to prevent it further.

4. Pamper but do not spoil : We all love and adore our children but giving in to all their demands and agreeing to whatever they say, may make them spoilt. And it is very easy for spoilt children to turn destructive. You should aim at teaching your child to be well-behaved and disciplined.


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