Keeping your kids engaged during working hours is something parents aspire especially when they work at home and they want to be left alone and hopefully, the kid does something productive. In this article, we are going to talk about effective ways to keep your kids busy while you get your work done


If your kid has friends who are close by then bring them over and let them play. Doing so will improve the bond between them they also learn how to talk and behave with a friend.

Smartphone and gaming consoles

 This might seem a little wrong as parents are not encouraged to give the kids a lot of screen time but this is one of the best ways to keep your kids busy as once if you I’ve you won’t get disturbed for a long time.

Gaming consoles especially for boys is an even better option they will stay glued to them for a long time.

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There are a lot of painting techniques that are pretty easy to do. For example, you can use vegetables such as drumsticks and onion dip them in paint and create artwork with them. Then there are finger painting dipping fingers in paint and smudging them against a paper in the shape of a tree, house, etc

Family tree

Give your kids all the information and photos of your family members and this will help them understand their family better and will also be a delight for the family members to see what they have created.

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Role-playing like a doctor, running a family, running an airport, cooking, are all great ideas for role-playing. This will help them understand how different things is done so that they improve their knowledge of how things work in the world

Clay modeling

Using clay to make unique structures is an age-old idea for making kids engaged. They will model anything from a house to an animal these thing will improve their creativity which is also important for the growth of their brain.

Building blocks

Building blocks are a great way for your child to create things like a house, a cartoon superhero’s weapon they like, vehicles, etc

Building paper toys

Use origami to build fun stuff with paper by folding it properly like paper planes, paper boats, paper cameras, etc. These will help the kids with better hand-eye coordination and better-thinking skills.

Playing word games

word games are really good for the kid’s vocabulary and understanding of the English language. There are many proper board games for this like a word-formation game wherein the player scores according to the size of the words he builds

Now we have come to the end of the article, in these worrying times, you gotta make sure you do your best to keep your family safe and protected in your house, especially your little ones we hope this article helps you solve that issue. If you have any other great ideas do mention them in the comments below to help out other parents.


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