Weather is changing & what does this mean? Common Cold, Headaches & Flu are frequent. Do you know allergies and cold are among the most common ailments that affect people throughout the world each year. On an average, every adult suffers from around 2 to 3 attacks of cold and flu throughout the year. In children, it may even go up to 5-7 times. This is why allergies and flu are amongst the leading reason behind people missing out on their work, college and school.

Flu and allergy are Natural

Though the occurrence of allergies and flu are so common and can interfere with your routine, it must be understood that they are natural reactions of your body against factors such as change of weather, or exposure to germs via people who are suffering from a cold and the like. Thus suppressing them with strong medicines may not be the best idea.

In fact many a times it has been seen that excessive dependence to the strong medicines, every time that one suffers from the flu may even lead to addiction for them.

Beware of countertop Medication

In most cases of allergy and flu, people tend to depend on counter top medicines. Though these medicines seem to be harmless, and might suppress your problems in a short time, their side effects can be far reaching. First, repeated doses of such medicines, be it allopathic or homeopathic may lead the body to become tolerant against such medicines. Eventually, you may even have to resort to higher doses or higher powers of them. Thus they affect your immune system adversely and you become more susceptible to a host of other kinds of ailments.

Further, the path taken by homeopathy or allopathic medicines is to suppress the flu or allergy in place of curing them. That is why there is always a chance of recurrence as soon as you discontinue the medicine.

Research states 

In some research it has also been found that countertop medicines of cold and flu may also be related to ulcers, kidney problems, liver damage, and high blood pressure among others.

Sometimes it is also seen that flus and allergies may be the symptoms of some bigger diseases. While medicines can cure the symptoms superficially, the underlying cause may go undetected, leading to further complications and greater danger to your health.

This is why, the leading practitioners of medicine suggest that the best course to take in case of problems such as allergies and flu are the natural remedies.

Let Nature Be Your Cure

Natural remedies are effective for your allergy and flu in more than one ways. The first and most important factor is that they cure the problem in place of suppressing them. Further, they do not interfere with the natural functioning of your immune system. Rather they work in tandem with your immune system making it much stronger.

There is no question of becoming tolerant or addicted to them. This means they remain effective for you all throughout. In fact, by strengthening your immune system they ensure that you become less likely to catch them in the first place

Easy Natural Remedies

If you are looking for some super easy and effective natural remedies as well as some Immunity Booster Tips For Kids and yourself, then here is a list of some tried and tested remedies that you may use next time you suffer from a cold:

  1. Warm yourself up with some soup: The most common problems associated with flu and allergies are congestion and sore throat. Taking some warm soup or tea may soothe your throat while loosening up your mucous, helping you to breathe freely. To some extent they are also effective in combating the germs.
  2. Breath in Steam: Much like your tea and soup, steam works wonders to clear congestion especially in the case of allergies. If you have are having a stuffy nose, using a vaporizer may be very effective.
  3. Gargle regularly: Gargling regularly may be another effective way of relieving yourself. While gargling with salt water is effective, you may also try out gargling or tea leaves boiled along with the salt to ease your congestion to a great extent.
  4. Use a mask: Allergies are mostly triggered by the increasing level of dust and pollutants in the air that travel up your nasal passage and block it. Using a mask can be a good option each time you step out.
  5. Wash your hands: the keyboard of your laptop, the money in your purse all can have germs in them. Though it may sound really simple, washing your hands before you eat something is an essential way to block germs from entering your system.
  6. Include Vitamin C: Including vitamin c in your diet will not just help you in fighting your cold, but will also prevent you from catching them.

Now that you have these natural remedies to help you, step up and fight your allergies and flu easily.

Let me know what are your favorite remedies to follow!


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