We all are living in a modern world where everyone claims of being liberal, open minded and educated. We have glitz, glamor, luxury, fun and freedom but when we flip the coin, the other side is scary, mournful and dreadful. Amidst this fairy appealing world, there is a world full of devils. A world that is struggling to survive and get a chance to live.
The world is of girl child, which is hopeful and painful. A woman is known to shape the future of a civilization, is refrained from taking birth on this planet. Despite of the fact that without woman, life is impossible, femake child is still considered to be a curse.

Society’s outlook on girl child

The whole world is talking of girls and their rights but their are countries where a girl child is given least importance. It ia often looked up as a sign of misfortune. Families in our country rejoice the birthof a boy and mourn when a girl is born. And what’s the good reason for this discrimination? Why is there no place for a girl child? Why being a girl is no less than a curse? Let’s dig the facts deeper to know.

Facts say that the majority of people feel that having a girl child puts pressure and troubles in the family. People say that having a girl is a burden as they have to spend lots of money in their education, marriages and dowry. Myths revolve around seeing a girl as a weak and dependent creature who can not do good on her own. This is the reason why our society favor boys and find that boys can keep them more securely than girls.

Female Foeticide: A dreadful outcome

No matter how much we outcry for gender equality and enforce different laws, there are female infants found dumped in trash or killed in the womb which is termed as Female Foeticide. Broadly, an act of aborting a foetus as it is girl. Not only poor or uneducated class is involved in this humiliating act, but educated and affluent families also kill female child in the mother’s womb as they have a desire of a baby boy. People use ultrasonography to find the gender of the foetus growing inside the womb. A lot of parents get the gender checked and end the pregnancy if it’s a girl.

Saving a girl child

For every 1000 boys there are only 914 girls in our country, if female foeticide continues to grow at this rate, a day would come when there will be no girls left on this planet. Could you imagine lives without them? Certainly not. People must ne aware of it and if determined, we can save the girl child by taking following measures:
● People must be educated about the effects of killing a girl child.

● Laws should be madr stricter and sex determination must be banned completely.

● Gender equality must be encouraged. Both the genders must be treated equally.

● Both the genders must be provided with good education so that they can understand their rights and duties.

The essence that comes out is that if you can’t give life to someone you do not have any right to take it either. If we want to fight against this deadly evil, we all have to work together.


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