Marriage is all about compatibility. Before tying the knot, we all try to completely understand our partner’s choices, preferenes and behavior. But have you ever wondered, how things are in bed? Discussing intimacy before marriage is still considered as a taboo is many places in India, but things get smoother if you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to sex. Knowing what turns them on, what pleasures them the most or how experimental they can get are important parameters to check the initmacy quotient.

If you do not believe in pre marital sex, it is still important to discuss about it before taking wedding vows.

Many studies have proved that discussing intimacy is a key to good relationship. A healthy and clear communication about sexual intimacy is a whole different level connecting. So if you are in courtship period and want to know some hot facts about your partner, we are here with some suggestions. Here’s a checklist that can help you communicate with your partner about your sexual desires and expectations as a couple!

1. The “Beginning”: Do not just jump to this topic surprisingly. Let it flow naturally from a conversation that is closer to what you want to talk about. Do not force your partner to have a conversation on sexual topics. Meet your partner in person, sit down and get cozy and then start the conversation. Give them space to get comfortable so that you both are on the same page.

2. Be sure about your likes and dislikes: Before you go on to have a sexual conversation with your partner, be sure about your likes and dislikes. There might be certain elements that you are fond of and things that you want to explore or experience. Make a checklist of likes and dislikes and discuss it with your partner. Also, do listen to your partner’s wants and expectations.

3. Don’t forget to discuss the frequency and nature: When it comes to sex, it is important to know the frequency and nature of the activity. You may want it multiple times a day but your partner may stick to one time a day. Having this conversation before hand will save you from an awkward situation afterwards. Establish a common ground for the frequency. Also, many of them likes to have it soft and cozy but for others hot and steamy sessions are romantic. Its better to be on the same page of romance in sex during the talk.

4. The “contraceptive” communication: Sex and all is good but hygiene is more important. One of the most unhealthy practices is to get involved in an unprotected sex. Ask your partners clearly about contraceptive methods and future planning. It is important to discuss future expectations and pregnancy to avoid conflicts. The clear you communicate before marriage, the better things will be after it. Sex life is equally important so make efforts to keep your partner happy, both emotionally and sexually.


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