Hello after almost a month ;),


December was one AMAZING month. I traveled almost every week & every trip was unique in its own different ways.
Week 1 was a Girls trip wherein we went to Jaipur. It was the first time and after a LONG time, I travelled without my kids & Rajiv. It was no emergency trip, no work trip..pure fun trip. Although my companions on this trip were my nieces but it was all in all a successful trip. The beauty of the trip was Budget travelling wherein we travelled with train, stayed at Zostel & did crazy shopping in the ever buzzing markets of Jaipur.


The highlight for me was staying in Zostel & hanging out with my very old friend. I definitely recommend every woman to go out & plan a trip where you travel with other women. This is enriching in many ways because the way women are raised in our society is very conservative. Although we are very strong mentally, physically, we are still raised with a lot of boundaries like we need a man to travel with us or one is a bad mother if travelling alone & so many others. So, yeah, this trip was an eye opener in many ways for me as an individual. It was also a gentle reminder for my family & myself to value each other better. Definitely, thankful for all the joy my family brings in my life every day. This was surely my first trip BUT not the last one.Staying at Zostel was a challenge of different level. There were shared toilets, they ask you to take off shoes at the entry point & how are we forgetting the bunk beds. All in all, it was a good experience although I am ot sure about staying at Zostel again because I feel that I have crossed that stage of compromising my basic living standards. No offence to anyone, just my own thoughts.


Trip to JaipurTrip to JaipurTrip to Jaipur


Week 2 was a Work Trip to China. So Grateful for this trip. The exposure, learning, collaborations & everything that came with this trip. I am also thankful to my family & friends for ensuring that the kids are well fed, raised & sent to school. There was so much to learn from Chinese people & how social they are really vis a vis Indians these days.
I mean we really need to consciously make an effort to socialize with our neighbors, business networks, family, team & everyone because people make this world beautiful & its wonderful to share stories over long dinner outings.
Trip to China  Trip to ChinaTrip to China
Week 3 was a little getaway with family (finally ;)). Weather god was in mood of freezing everyone so we thought to brave the cold & possibly try & find some snow playground. Although luck didn’t favour us much on the snow front, we were damn lucky to experience Winter line in Ladour. Man, What a beauty!! I always find myself amazed looking at colours that mother nature creates for visual treats.
Dehradun Trip in December Dehradun Trip in December D.E.C.E.M.B.E.R Dehradun Trip in December
I hope you all enjoyed the post. Wish you all a very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2020!!

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