Phuket has an area of over five hundred square kilometres and is the biggest and most popular island in southern Thailand. Many scenic resorts and villas can be found there. White sandy beaches and clear blue waters make this place truly a paradise. However it’s not only beaches and expensive drinks. It’s so much more. A historic Sino-Portuguese old town with interesting architecture from years gone by is one of the best places to find amazing food. There are also some great lookout spots high on the hills for the best views of the island and the ocean, and don’t forget the sunsets!


  1. Bang Tao Villas

One of the best undiscovered secrets of Phuket are these Bang Tao villas. Located on Bang Tao beach many of these villas are newly built modern luxury getaways. Experience a holiday unlike anything else in Thailand. A luxury private villa all to yourself, for the whole family, or with all of your friends! Clean, modern furnishings fit for only the most high end hotels. Take a morning dip in the private pool while you sip on the morning coffee or have a private chef cook dinner for the whole gang. If you can dream it, the on-site villa manager and staff can make it happen.


  1. A getaway at Koh Yao Yai

Normally the tourists go for the more popular and famous Koh Phi Phi and its overcrowded beaches. But if you want a truly undiscovered beach that is really one of Phuket’s hidden gems then make your way to Koh Yao Yai. (Big island Yao). It’s a quiet semi-developed island about half an hour from Phuket by ferry. Stunning stretches of secluded beaches and coastal cliffs sit empty, waiting to welcome you. This is also a fun place to see real rubber plantations and take a boat tour of a mangrove forest. The villagers are friendly and inviting as well. Try renting a scooter to explore by land and a kayak to explore by water. You can paddle to nearby Koh Nok and Khao Phing Kan islands easily. When you’re tired of exploring, stop at a family restaurant and have some fresh seafood and a cold Chang beer.


  1. Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

This rum distillery is special and unique. Take a one hour interactive tour to see why. Surprisingly made only from sugarcane from Thailand and grown without using chemical fertilisers or pesticides, Chalong Bay’s rum is one of the purest in the world. This is something not many people know and it’s certain you will learn something, be entertained and get to try some great rum! From pressing and fermentation to distillation and maturation then bottled and labelled. It’s all done by hand!


  1. The Upside Down House of Phuket

Perhaps a tourist trap, but a not so well known quirky way to spend an afternoon nonetheless. Baan Teelanka is a three floor house that is entirely upside down. It really messes with your senses walking on the ceiling, stepping over doorways and crawling through windows. Enter through the roof and make your way…up…er…down to the main floors. There’s a garage with a tuk tuk stuck to the ceiling, or the floor and a maze garden in the backyard. There are lots of places for family fun photos or to add to the Gram. All in all a fun and quirky place to visit.


  1. Interactive 3D museum and Aquaria

Definitely one of the island’s underrated hidden things to see is the Aquaria and interactive optical illusions museum. Props and trick of the eye photo ops will delight all ages. The museum is all about interactivity. When you enter there is a promise that visitors won’t see any “do not touch” signs! The five themed zones are a fun walk through with areas such as the masterpiece section where you can find paintings from old masters like Edvard Munch and his The Scream painting. However instead of guards telling you to stay behind the rope these are interactive and must be touched to be experienced.


  1. The panoramic view of Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

Stuck high on a hilltop in Phang Nga, seemingly far from anything but just thirty minutes from Phuket is a rewarding spot with a panoramic view that will leave you breathless. The views of Phang Nga Bay and the historic limestone formations bring up a sense of wonder. Count the multitude of tiny islands poking from the clear ocean waters. If you don’t have a car there are transports waiting for visitors to go up. If you’re really adventurous, then plan to be at the top before five in the morning for a sunrise that is awe inspiring. There are also camping options.



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