The festive season is the period of time, joy, celebration and gift giving. What could be so stressful about that? You might be thinking that I have completely lost it but the fact is festivals, at times get tensifying and worrisome. Media builds up festivals such a happy time with family and friends but behind that perfect picture lies stress, worries, disagreements and depression. For many people festive time means extra pressure and anxiety. But why we get stressed around festive time? Lets see the possibilities.

1. Financial Stress: Believe it or not but Diwali is an expensive time of the year. There is pressure of buyig gifts, clothes, sweets and other households. Many of them do not have deep pockets due to which they get into mental stress of finances.

2. Juggling work and holidays : All of us get stucked between work and holidays during festivals. Juggling up between work and celebration could be really stressful. There are get togethers, parties, pooja and celebration, all of these in a single day. At times, celebration turns into a real mess and people find it complicated to manage things.

3. Family conflicts: With so many things going along may create hassle and disagreement between family members. The worry and drama causes anxiety and issues get unresolved for long time.

This time, let’s welcome the festive season happily without any stress and anxiety. Keep the following things in mind to reduce the festive worries.

1. Spend less : Consider a low cost Diwali this time if financial stress is getting you down. Plan for a budget friendly diwali and cut short the expenses. Buy gifts only for kids, prioritize things and then make the purchases. Make sure you plan your budget wisely before stepping out to shop.

2. Eat well : Maintain good eating habits and a healthy diet during festival. Include fresh fruits, veggies and juices to keep your body healthy and energetic. We know it is a tempting festival of the year but festive weight is the toughest to loose.

3. Don’t expect much: Set realistic expectations for yourself. The festival may not turn out as great as you expect it to be. Plan how will you manage negative feelings that come up. For e.g. if your family has a history of arguments or disagreements, try to avoid such situations. Do not trigger any condition that leads to arguments or unwanted behavior.

4. Take proper sleep: Festivals are for rejuvenation. So, don’t forget to sleep well and take proper rest. Lack of sleep may make you feel irritated and have adverse effects in celebrations. Don’t push your limits to work, sit back for a while and relax.

5. Make plans to be with friends: Make plans to get out and be with your close friends. Attend Diwali pooja at your friend’s home and feel the change. Help others. Throw a small gathering for your maids and servants. Give them gifts and sweets. This will make you feel happy and joyful.

And above all, Exercise.!! Working out can really help you deal with your negative thoughts and emotions. Plus it will keep you sexy and glowing in the festive season. So this Diwali, don’t worry and be happy.


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