Do you know what is super exciting about Diwali? The gifts and the bonus. The Diwali gifts are something that most of us keenly look forward to all year. Seeing that packet of sweets along with some cash bonus kickstarts the Diwali day with a bang. Not only us, but our maids and helpers also look forward for this day. Why not lift their mood by combining the usual cash gift with a small and useful gift?

Diwali is an important festival and in India gifting sweets and clothes to maids is a popular trend. It’s a good way of strengthening the bond between you and your maid. Maids really work very hard to make living for them and their families. Gifting them something special on Diwali is the best way to express your care and concern for them. This Diwali, make your maids and helpers double happy by giving them a gift they deserve.

1. Sweets and crackers : Diwali without crackers is incomplete. If you are looking for ideas to gift to your maid, then a gift hamper of crackers along with some sweets is a good option. A combo pack of crackers that consist a vareity of different fireworks is a good choice. You can go for rasgullas of kaju barfi to make it more special for her.

2. A mobile phone: Your maid may have a mobile phone but if she doesn’t has one, gifting her a phone is a good option. Buy her an upgraded mobile phone so that she can manage her time well. If she is comfortable with smart phones, you can give her one with latest features and long lasting battery. It is a good gift that you can give your maid on this Diwali.

3. Utensils or Kitchenware: Cookware, kadhai, bowl sets, plates and other good quality utensils can make excellent gifts. Ask her what she neede or you can give her a set of airtight containers. These are very useful and can even be user as a lunch box or storage bowls.

4. Festive Clothing: Gifting a good quality saree to your maid could be a good idea. She can wear it on Diwali as well as other festivals or family functions. Choose for fabrics like crepe or chiffon with festive prints on it. Go for some bright colors with golden or silver zari to give it a festive look.

5. A day off on Diwali: The hardest gift you can give to anyone on Diwali. But think about it, telling your maid to have holiday on Diwali could be the greatest gift. Diwali is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated by everyone so giving her a gift of holiday is the best idea. She will really appreciate this effort and will feel super happy.

Our maids or helpers may be poor or less fortunate but they deserve to be treated well. It is by their efforts that we can live comfortable and hassle free life at our homes. Your maids have families too so this Diwali let’s make their lives worth living.


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