While you are planning for a clutch matching your bridal dress, you must be more bothered about what’s inside it. Keeping a checklist of its inner content is also important girls. These things come super handy during the wedding and keeping them along will help you a lot. We have curated a list of some essentials that you must keep in your bridal clutch for the big day and we are sure you are gonna be super thankful to us for it. No matter whoat else you add, these 6 things have got to be in there, and we also tell you why!

So here are 6 things that are essential in your bridal clutch, and we feel no bride should be without them on her big day.

#1. Your lipstick, or at least something similar to the shade

The most essential thing that you must carry in your bridal clutch is lipstick. If you are using your lipstick, carry that. If it’s of your make-up artist, then carry a dude similar to that. You can even buy the exact shade beforehand to avoid the last-minute hassle. We are sure you don’t want to come in front of your groom with a faded lipstick, so make sure you keep one in the clutch.

#2. Tissues to wipe those tears

Of course, you will get emotional while leaving your parents and loved ones. So keeping a handful of tissue papers beforehand is always a good idea. Just so that you don’t have to wipe them with your dupatta or borrow someone’s handkerchief. Make sure to add them to the bridal clutch so that you don’t mess up your eye makeup.

#3. Breath Mints

You might have to keep mum for a while or you might go without drinking water for a long time. It can get a little messy in your mouth and plus you might want to whisper something in your bae’s ear. So keeping chewing gums handy will boost your confidence and also keep bad breath at bay.

#4. Safety Pins

These are the little life savers in case of emergencies. These can come in very handy and you must keep a few of them in your clutch for sure. Keep them to secure things better or for rips and tears, always a good idea.

#5. A compact mirror

A must have thing for quick touch ups. When you quickly want to steal a glance, apply lipstick or take the shine off your nose- this one does a lot of multitasking and has to be there in your bridal clutch.

#6. A small perfume

Refresh yourself with a dash of perfume. It is important especially if your wedding is planned during day hours. Do pack a travel sized version of your favorite cologne or perfume in your bridal clutch to keep sweat at bay.

So, my lovely would-be-brides, are you now ready to turn heads on your big day? If no, this simple checklist of essentials is going to keep you up-to-date on your wedding. If you think we miss out something, do let us know in the comment section below.


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