The changing lifestyle comes along with various deadly diseases. The most common invasive form of cancer found in women and the second leading cause of cancer death after lung cancer. As per the reports, every 1 in 8 women develops breast cancer once in their lifetimes. And about two-third of them are above 55 years of age. Breast cancer has become very common and spreads easily if not treated on time.

What is Breast Cancer

Cancer is a life taking disease that happens when mutations take place in genes that regulate the cell growth. These mutations multiply the cells in an uncontrolled way which causes cancer.

Similarly, breast cancer is a type of cancer that develops inside the breasts. The cancer is formed inside the lobules or the ducts of the breasts. Lobules produce milk and ducts bring the milk to the nipple. The cells in lobules and ducts multipy and results in breast cancer. The uncontrolled cancer cells often travels to the healthy lymph nodes under the arms which may travel to the other parts of the body.

Breast cancer, if diagnosed at an early stage is treatable. But once the cancer begins to spread, treatment becomes more complicated and may cause death.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer:

Let’s make the diagnosis easy by knowing the symptoms of breast cancer. The symptoms include:
● A lump or thickened area in or near breast or underarm that lasts longer for like a month.
● A mass or a pea sized lump in breast or in your armpit.
● Sudden change in breast size, shape or curve
● A bloody or clear nipple discharge.
● Changes in the skin of your breast or nipple. An inflamed, puckered scaly or dimpled nipple.
● Red and tender breasts or nipples.
● Change in shape, size or position of nipples.
● Difference in size of both the breasts.
● A hard marble sized spot on breast.


Breast cancer is commonly found in women who are above 55 years of age. The next age group that is affected majorly is 35-55 years. If you are in your 20’s or even 30’s, you are less likely to get affected by breast cancer.

Causes of Breast Cancer:

Even experts are not sure about the causes of breast cancer but studies have proved that your age, lifestyle, genetics and personal health play a major role. The major causes are:

1. If you are above 50 years of age, your chances of having a breast cancer increase.
2. Brown women are more likely to have breast cancer as compared to white women before menopause.
3. If your breasts have more connective tissue rather than fatty tissues.
4. If you have a family history of cancer, your chances of getting a breast cancer are high.
5. If you are less active physically.
6. Being overweight.
7. Regular drinking and smoking.
8. If you have your first child after 30 years of age and you don’t breastfeed.


If you feel a lump in your breast or find a sudden change in sizes of both the breasts, your doctore may ask you for having an ultrasound or a mammogram to get a better view of the condition.
Once diagnosed, your biopsy is done by removing a tissue from your breast and the results are then sent for examination of tumors.

Treatment and Care:

If you test positive for breast cancer, your doctor will develop a treatment plan depending upon the stage of the cancer. Your doctor will suggest a treatment plan to get rid of the cancer, to lower the risk pf reoccurance and to reduce the chance of it moving out of your breasts. Treatment usually starts after a week of diagnosis.

Breast Cancer is treatable if diagnosed right on time. There are many options available like surgeries, therapies and local treatments depending upon the size of the tumor.

Breast Cancer prevention:

Following tips may help you prevent breast cancer

● Control your weight.
● Stay active and fit.
● Limit alcohol and smoking
● Breastfeed
● Get yourself diagnosed after menopause.

Breast cancer is dangerous but you can prevent them by following a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Stay Healthy! Stay Safe!


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