Diwai preparations have begun and this year people are looking forward to have a blast. Diwali in India is one of the biggest unifier since everybody gets into the festive spirit with rituals, sweets, gifts and crackers. Diwali is a time for families to come together and enjoy the festival. This Diwali let us plan to witness the occasion in other cities. If you are equally excited here are the top places to visit during the festival of lights:

1. Varanasi : If you want to experience Diwali celebrations on a grander scale, Varanasi is the best spot foe you. Start your day with a holy bath in the Ganga and explore the bazaars where a variety of traditional sweets and clothes are sold. The chants by the ghats along with the sunset boat ride takee you to another world. The festival is celebrated with a superb display of fire crackers. You can also participate in Dev- Deepawali which is an iconic Ganga Mahotsav festival celebrated in Varanasi.

2. Jaipur or Udaipur: The decor and celebrations or Jaipur during Diwali are breathtaking. The festival starts from night of Dhanteras with the amazing view of local markets and forts. The Nahargarh fort, Jal Mahal and other landmarks offer beautiful views of the lighting. The entire city has an amazing decoration along with fireworks. The city bazaars are filled with musicians playing folk music. The Marwari cuisine is something you don’t wanna miss in Jaipur. You will fall in love with the beautiful lakes of Udaipur that glow with the reflections of fireworks. The palaces in Udaipur offer regal celebrations along with breath taking lighting and decor.

3. Goa: Another wonderful destination to visit during Diwali. The celebrations start from Narak Chaudas when people decorate their homes with lightings and lanterns. The people of Goa build several Narakasura effigies filled with fire crackers and burn them the next morning. Along with the local celebrations you can also spend some time visiting the hottest beaches, casions and restaurants.

4. Amritsar: A beautiful place to visit during Diwali. The city celebrates Bandi Chhor Diwas along with Diwali which is a big festival for Sikhs marking the return of Guru Gobind Singh from his imprisonment. The Golden Temple looks stunning when illuminated. The prayers and kirtans held throughout the Gurudwaras spread a pure vibe in the air. The weather is also cool with beautiful sarson fields across the city. Don’t forget to enjoy the Chole Kulche with jalebis from local street vendors.

5. Kolkata: The city seems to be on the peak of joy during Diwali celebrations. As the festival coincides with the famous Kali Pooja here, you can witness the unique and detailed offerings ofeat, fish, flowers and sweets to the Goddess. The entire city gets the reflection of diyas, lamps, candles and amazing fireworks. You can take a view of famous Kali puja pandals around the city. You can also visit the famous Kalighat Temple or Dakshineshwar Temple where Goddess Kali is worshipped by thousands of devotees.

Where are you planning to go this Diwali? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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