Last week, I was out with family on a trip to Goa & Mumbai. We were a group of 11 people & trust me, Rajiv & I felt like tour operators while entering & exiting airports. Mostly because we were so many & it required someone in charge to take care of tickets, get everyone validated by the security & head out. Same story while heading out. 😉 BUT it was overall a very successful trip & we eventually had loads of fun.

Until Three years back travelling in a big group was overwhelming but gradually we started liking the idea of travelling in big group especially with family. If you ask me, there are a lot of advantages:

  1. Builds Stronger Family Bonds: With everyone so much busy in their day to day lives, family outings are a great opportunity to know each other better. To acknowledge each other fear, to appreciate different personalities, to break that wall of awkwardness & add so many fun filled memories to look back & cherish.
  2. You can never get bored: There’s always someone to talk to. With so many people around, someone is always there to listen, talk to & discuss random stuff.
  3. Food: My nieces, my daughter like myself love experimenting with different flavours & it honestly gives me company & reasons to try different things.
  4. Fulfill Dreams together: Talking about our families especially both of our parents..all they did in their entire life was earn, survive & invest every penny in giving good education to us. So it is our responsibility to help them re-live the life they could have while they were young. They totally deserve it. So, family outing is a great way to explore new holiday destinations & see your parents react to each location in a whole different aspect. Trust me, it’s interesting to see how they look at fancy restaurants & posh locations. Go, try it & see it for yourself 🙂

If you are anxious about an upcoming trip with your family friends, extended family outings or immediate family outings, some of these tips can be quite handy while travelling in a Big Group:

  1. Respect everyone’s space: No matter what, let’s respect people’s space & their choices while travelling in a big group. Some activity can mean thrill or fun to us while it can trigger fear in others so as long as we appreciate & welcome different approach to an activity / food/ places to see etc…it should all result in enjoyable trips.
  2. Sharing is caring: There can be situations wherein you were lucky to carry few items while someone else missed it. So, it’s important to be a giver & share as much as possible. Not only will you feel good about it but also end up ensuring everyone is happy & comfortable.
  3. Let it go: When travelling in a big group, there are high chances of someone getting caught in a conflict or ending up offending others or getting offended. The simple mantra is to let it go. Don’t let small moments destroy the big goal of relaxing & having a fun time. The best way to handle this is to take a back seat, spend some time alone, reset your emotions, maybe take a little walk by the beach or a little trek will be good to help you get back with a forgiving heart.
  4. Respect Time: This is a BIG turnoff for me(if I may say so). People leisurely wasting time are not appreciated in a big group. Please understand that time critical especially when you are travelling in a Big Group so please try & try a little harder to be on time & help everyone stay calm & composed.
  5. Don’t Flaunt: I am sure you will agree with me here, we all hate flaunters. I mean they are so easy to distinguish so please don’t be one of them. Nobody these days technically care about your money worth or buying worth. In fact, there are higher chances of you being judged on your behavior or reactions to a certain situations so act accordingly.

This is all I would like to add based on my previous experiences. If you have any other points that can help others, please feel free to share.

Why Should You Consider Travelling With A Team Of Family Members?

Looking at the holiday destination of your choice? Why not do it with a big team of the family? From arranging the tickets to taking care of everyone on the train platform or airport, you will get very little time to enjoy yourself. Still, as validated by the most popular Family Travel Guide, traveling with a big team is beneficial in many aspects. Let us know some of its aspects.

The benefits of group traveling

With the whole family present, the family bonds are renewed and strengthened. Moreover, with all the relatives, there is always something to engage in. Some of the other advantages of a trip with a big family are;

  • Everyone can know each other better, appreciate their achievements, and break the wall of awkwardness.
  • Trying out new things, be it foods, apparel, or a ride.
  • My most favorite thing is to surprise our parents on each trip. They deserve this holiday because, during their time, they sacrificed their chances to give us a better life.

Taking responsibility

Surely, as I have experienced, you may have to play the manager, more so if you are the organizer. If possible, delegate your responsibilities to other parties of the trip, so that you also can enjoy while being engaged in any important work.

Some Family Vacation Tips for Travelling In Big Groups

Going away on a trip with your family? You are in for a treat, as there are a lot of activities you can enjoy as a family. Do you know what the best thing about a family trip is? The cost of the trip gets divided, and there is always company. Usually, there is never a dull moment.

Some decorum to follow

Although you must enjoy your trip with your family, there are some unwritten rules that you must follow. I can give one example: never pressurize anyone to join in an activity he or she doesn’t want. You may like to drink but respect the fact that someone may not. Here are the other Family Vacation Tips I was talking about:

  • Respect everyone’s privacy. Some among you may just want to relax and chill. Let them be.
  • Share your thing with others. Someone cannot find their mobile charger? If yours fits, offer it. Sharing not only makes you feel good but also develops a relationship between two people.
  • It is normal to have a difference of opinion with other people, and also heated exchanges. Just let it go, it’s no use to linger.

Focus on the positive

You can get to know your family after long intervals and strengthen your family bonds. As I see, with or without family, traveling in big groups is always better. All you have to do is keep the balance maintained.


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