Look what’s clinging at your leg. Yeah, it’s your baby gripping onto your maxi and having a determination on her face pulling herself to stand beside you. Your little one is all set to use her upper body muscles and leg strength to stand herself up.

Getting into a standing position is a major milestone that your baby hits on her way to walking. This one is certainly big as it calls all the major groups of muscles to coordinate at once. No wonder it is great fun to watch your baby doing this, but for her, it is a terrific muscle-strengthening exercise.

When to expect

Your baby is going to start doing this between 9 to 12 months. She pulls herself on anything she can get a good grip on. Maybe a table, a couch, or your legs. This is the best time to bring her crib to the lowest height as she may pull herself up and cross the crib. So it is necessary to baby-proof your home now.

How to encourage your baby

Once you notice your baby is learning to pull herself, you can try a simple activity that will encourage her to stand. Put some of her toys on the couch and let her sit next to it so that she can grasp and hold the cushions to pull herself to stand. This game is really fun and it also makes your baby practice pulling up and grasping what she wants. If your baby’s crawling you might try spacing out the toys along with the couch, so that she can move and pull herself up to retrieve them one by one.

Once your baby masters the skills of pulling herself up, make sure she stays safe. Put barriers and baby-proof you’re home. Make sure there aren’t any sharp corners or edges to protect her from bumping. Get your floor rid of slippery magazines, newspapers, and books to prevent slips. Take care to wipe out water quickly and keep your floor clean. And to be sure her feet won’t trip her up, keep her barefoot or in skid-proof socks or slippers rather than in smooth-soled shoes or slippery socks.

Not to worry

Every baby is unique and different. They all develop at their own pace so, like other gross motor skills, this milestone can be early or late for your baby. There isn’t so much that you can do to speed up your baby’s development. Just give her lots of fun, support, and love to practice skills.

More surprises are on the way

Now that your baby has become a pro is standing, you can now expect her to walk by holding onto your hands or furniture. After that, you will watch her walking unassisted. From there her next steps on the road to mobility are climbing, running, and jumping.

The Takeaway

Standing up is a major developmental milestone that is seen anywhere between 9-12 months of age. It may vary from baby to baby as some are quick learners and other is a bit slow. But if you see no signs of movement in your baby till her first birthday, it’s time to talk to the pediatrician.

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