The first smile, the first giggle, the first word and the first step. Every “first” of your baby is incredible. It’s amazing to see babies start crawling across the floor. Some babies are super fast and start crawling at 7 months and some at 10 months. Babies have different styles of crawling, some creep and some go for a bear walk. Sooner or later most of the babies settle on the standard crawl by 9 months but if your little one is still struggling to reach this milestone, here are some tips to encourage your baby.

Tips to encourage crawling

Before crawling, it is important for a baby to lose his reflexes and learn to coordinate his arms and legs. When babies learn to resist the pull of gravity it gets easy for them to crawl. Helping them balance their body on the ground is the first step towards crawling.

● Crawling Backward : Your baby will initially learn to move backward and with time, he will eventually know that by shifting his weight from one side to other, he can push his body forward. Babies practice this skill for months before they start crawling. Most of them start creeping between 7 to 10 months but chubbier babies crawl a little late as it is harder for them to push their extra body weight.

● Strong Muscles: In order to master the skill, your baby must be able to hold their body weight and balance themselves using the muscles in stomach, neck,arms, back and shoulder. In order to do so, start giving tummy time during their first weeks of life. It makes a huge difference. Put them on a playmat for three to five minutes two or three times per day. Place a toy out of their reach to make them reach at it. Slowly increase the tummy time for 40-60 minutes a day.

● Babyproof your place : Your little one’s newly learnt skill isn’t just exciting but a little risky too. Once your baby starts to crawl, he enjoys going after things and roll under the table or the couch. He may hurt himself more often and gets injured so it is necessary to babyproof the house. Put baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairscase. Keep household and electric appliances covered and out of baby reach to safeguard your baby.

● Share concerns : If your baby has not shown any sign of mobility by first year, it’s time to talk to your child’s pediatrician. Many children focus on building other skills like babbling and uttering and may not be interested in crawling. In such cases, patience is the key. Be patient as your baby will definitely find a way to get around.

What to do if Baby skips Crawling

If you have been waiting a long to see your little one crawl, but he is not interested in the same then don’t worry. It is completely normal for some babies to skip crawling and go straight from sitting to pulling up to standing and then walking. It doesn’t mean that the child is not developing abnormally. But if your baby shows no signs of mobility by his first birthday and has delayed milestones, it is necessary to talk to your doctor.

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