What is the first thing you imagine when you hear ‘tricolor recipes’? Our national flag. Right? The word ‘tricolor’ is imbued with a sense of patriotism since our national flag has three color segments. So, there is no better day to make special, delicious tricolor recipes than our Republic day.

India is about to celebrate its 73rd Republic Day. This day is all about getting into the patriotic spirit and spending time with your loved ones. Since it’s a nationwide holiday, the celebration often starts with indulging in good food. So this Republic Day, get high on patriotism with delicious and mouth-watering tricolor recipes.

Celebrating the special day with tricolor recipes

Food is believed to bring people together. Therefore an elaborate spread of special delicacies is most apt on Republic Day. From mouth-watering appetizers to delicious desserts, no Indian celebration is complete without a set of varied and yummy cuisines. You can make various tricolor recipes such as the tricolor pulao, tiranga halwa, or tricolor sundae to celebrate this day. If you are hosting a dinner party, these dishes are perfect for your table. Tricolor recipes aren’t only confined to only food. You can also prepare Republic day inspired delicious tricolor mocktails for your friends and family.

But, which food do you imagine on hearing the word ‘celebration’? A delicious, rich, and creamy cake! Make a tricolor Republic Day cake at home and surprise everyone with your baking skills. Engage the kids in your family in this fun-filled activity. You can also help the kids channelize their patriotism into making varied tricolor recipes.

Different shades of food

Food plays a vital role in any family gatherings. Adding natural and edible color to your regular food makes it look interesting. The visual appeal of the food is amplified with the addition of different hues. You can make creamy tricolor idli for the kids or a tiranga biryani for a perfect dinner. Don’t forget the fresh and tasty tricolor recipe, which you can make in an instant. Sandwiches! They are indulgent and delicious. Sandwiches are loved by kids and adults alike.

Have you tried your hands at making tricolor pasta? All you need is marinara sauce, alfredo sauce, and pesto sauce to make the tricolor. Kids will love this healthy, nutritious tricolor recipe from your kitchen! Also, the flavorful tricolor dhokla is another recipe that will leave your guests wanting more. After a spicy and delectable tricolor meal, satiate your taste buds with the super delicious tricolor barfi or the tiranga halwa. Afterall, who doesn’t love desserts!


Tricolor recipes represent the spirit of our Republic Day. It also reflects the patriotic spirit we feel for our motherland. Prepare various tricolor recipes at home this Republic day and add a splash of happy hues to your daily food. What a delightful way to celebrate our diverse culture!


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