“Mumma I am bored, Can I watch a movie?” “Papa, there’s nothing to do, let’s play video games.”

These might be some constant moans at your home lately. From toddlers to teens, our children are now fed up of this “study from home” culture. We naturally respond ‘yes’ to such requests to get them off our backs when we are busy doing something else. Even if we reply a ‘No’ its only the parent who losses.

Today, when our children are stuck indoors during Covid situation, they feel only gadgets can keep them engaged. It’s important to achieve a digital life balance by keeping them engaged in other activities.

Wondering how to keep your child engaged at home without the use of gadgets? Here are a few ideas to keep your child busy and away from gadgets.

1. Arts and Crafts : Get your child involved in creative activities. Provide your child with appropriate art and craft materials and involve him in activities based on his ability and skill level. Don’t expect perfection and encourage him to groom his skills. Acknowledge the efforts and encourage his creativity. Here are some ideas:
● Drawing and painting
● Clay modeling
● Papercraft
● Basket weaving
● Knitting and sewing
● Fruit and vegetable carving
Art and craft helps nurturing your child’s creativity and help him pay attention to details. It also helps to improve his hand-eye coordination, motor skills and color sense.

2. Lots of Books : Books are human’s best friend. Open the door to the world of books and let your kids dive into the ocean of knowledge. From stories to adventure, from thrillers to biographies, books teach a lot to kids. Make a small library at home with a bunch of books readily available for your child to pick and read in his free-time. Make it a daily habit or a bed-time ritual. Read to your younger children and ask your child for a quick summary of the story. It helps your child to fuel up his imagination, vocabulary, reading and writing skills.

3. Cooking and Household Chores: Involve your child in helping you with chores and cooking. Your children can help you with washing vegetables and rolling out rotis. Teenagers can even help with cutting, prepping and cooking. Get them involved in planning the menu and grocery shopping. Encourage your teens to experiment with the recipes. You can even ask them to help you with the laundry or clean a room. Appreciate your child’s efforts and encourage them to do better. This helps your child to gain a lot of self- help skills and teach independence.

4. Brain Exercises: Challenges keep brain healthy, growing and sharp. Choose games that are tricky, interesting and hard to crack. This will keep kids engage for a longer time. Here are some options:
● Rubiks cube
● Brain games
● Sudoku
● Crosswords
● Jigsaw puzzles
These exercises help boost your child’s critical thinking, logical, and reasoning skills, all essential in getting your child ready for a future that demands creative thinkers and problem solvers.

These positive hobbies will keep your child engaged without asking for gadgets and TV. Along the way, you never know what your child will discover and learn.


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