When it comes to parenting, we often discuss the role of mothers and the unique bond mothers share with babies. Both the parents are equally close to the little one but fathers are seldom given the spotlight. Being into a nuclear family, I have realised that fathers play an important role in the emotional, mental and physical growth of their child.

A father child relationship is indeed one of the most precious and significant relationship in any individuals life. With every kiss and hug, with every meal and game, you are helping your child in his brain development. From pregnancy to the first three years, baby’s brain develop at the fastest rate. In fact, good nutrition, adequate heath, stimulation from talk and play, protection and responsive caregiving affect the neural connections of the brain.

Early childhood experiences have a deep impact on brain development, affective learning, health and behaviour. Father’s engagement helps child in learning life lessons in their early childhood and have a long term impact on their success. With the increasing work-from-home culture, kids are now getting more time to spend with their fathers. Papas have become more responsible and are actively participating in activities. They play with their child, help in studies and even do the breakfast together. Before the pandemic, farhers were not able to spend as much time with their kids. Being around children makes them happy and they get to witness all of the fun that was missing.

Fathers are now able to spend more time with their family and kids. They could eat together, could play with each other and kids learn a lot of new things from fathers. Before the pandemic, fathers were not able to do any of it.Kids learn everything from their parents. So, I urge all fathers to spend as much time with them as possible. It helps in their overall development. Read more about Child Parenting Tips.

Researchers say that when fathers bond with their babies from the very beginning of life, they are more likely to play an active role in their development, “which shapes how happy, healthy, smart and confident the baby will grow. In the first 1,000 days of their life, babies’ brains develop faster than at any other time; just 15 minutes of ‘we time’ can spark millions of brain connections.”

Fathers can help with their child’s development by “giving [them] a hug, kiss, playing simple games, singing songs, or telling stories”. Those who have younger kids, can “feed them”, “help in burping, bath, and changing diapers”. “The father can take the child to the neighbourhood park or market to help explore the surroundings. He can provide a feeling of physical and emotional safety to the baby.”

Every father must follow this routine to create a bond with his child:

● Develop a ritual, something that can be done every day. Play with your child and talk to them during bath time, meal time. Don’t be afraid to be silly.

● Engage your child when you are doing a household chore and make these routines playful. If you have to prepare a meal, take your child to the kitchen. Let them explore different items. Take your child with you when you go to the market. Keep talking to them, explaining to them whatever you come across.

● Have a family meal time. If you have a limited time, grab a fruit or a simple healthy snack, sit with your child and chat.

● Let the child lead the interaction. Do a play activity that your child chooses.

● Tell your child you love them every day.

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