A bride’s letter to the groom on the wedding day

“Dear husband to be,

Like every girl, I too have always dreamt of this day and I cannot tell you how happy I am today. Like every girl, even I am excited today and I am sure you too must be. From tomorrow onward our lives will change. From tomorrow onward we will be a couple. We were a couple earlier also but then why is it feeling different to be your wife? Today I want to share something with you. Maybe from tomorrow onward, we will tag each other and with these tags, there will come certain responsibilities and duties. With these duties and responsibilities, I guess our expectations will increase. Before getting into this relationship for a lifetime today I want to share something about me with you.

I respect you as a person and I would wish if you too can respect me as a person first above all. I don’t wish you to stand by me every time neither I expect you to be there only for me. What I only want is whenever I am frightened just hold my hands and tell me “I am here’. I am not a perfect person neither I expect you to be the one. I would wish if both of us can be happy with our imperfections. Like your room, I will be sharing your life to now onward and I don’t want you to change for me. Although I will have to change a lot of things from my routine to my surname, I will be doing it easily with your help and appreciation.

I have never left my home and also I am not used to living without my parents. I am going to miss them a lot. My brother always protected me and was always there whenever I was lost. He was there in my failures and even been there to cheer my success. I know you are different and I don’t wish you to treat me the way my family does. I only want to tell you that with a little confidence in your eyes for me, I will be on the seventh Cloud.

As your wife, I will be your support system. I promise you to be there with you in your highs and lows. Although I am not a great cook, I will prepare suppers with love and affection. I can move mountains for our happiness and in return just be there to give a little push.

Marriage is all about living with each other’s imperfections and making it Perfect. Whenever we have an argument, just make sure we don’t stop talking.

At last whenever you feel I am wrong just once put your leg in my shoe and then judge. If still, you find it difficult to understand and ask me what went wrong. I won’t justify my mistake ever. Together, we will build a nest filled with love and respect. I am coming into your life with lots of hopes and I know you are feeling the same. Wishing us a happy married life!

Yours Beloved,
Wife to be!


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