Tired of visiting the near by shops looking for gift items to but for your dear ones this Diwali? Leave all your worries to us this year and break the cliche of those monotonous gifts and soan rolls. Make your loved ones feel special this year with something different and unique.

Its time to decorate every corner of our homes, indulge into sweets and savoury snacks and buy new gifts and clothes. Amidst all this excitement, the major dilemma we all face is what gifts we should buy for our near and dear ones. The question that hits our mind is of budget and choices. Every year, splurging on expensive gifts is not possible, so we are here to bring 10 low cost Diwal gifts which you can give.

1. Cakes and Bakes : One of the common tradition on diwali is to exchange sweets and savories. This year, instead of giving that all time favorite box of soan papdi aur kaju katli,try baking at home. Cookies, tea time cakes and chocolates are some of the easiest things to make and taste really great. Watch some youtube videos or follow some quick recipes to bake like a pro. Your friends are surely going to appreciate the efforts. Home baked goods are quiet light on the pocket and healthy. Pack your bakes into attractive packages to make them look more delicious.

2. Potted Tulsi : The sacred Tulsi plant signifies peace and prosperity. Gifting thr holy basil is a good sign during Diwali. The plant is worshipped all over the country as a part of many rituals. This festive season, head to a local nursery and pick up a few saplings. Pot them in colorful ceramic pots or painted kettles to make them attractive.

3. Colorful Paper Lanterns: Lanterns are a great way to celebrate diwali and colors add more beauty to them. You can give a set of five different colored lanterns to your friends and family. Its a great alternative to crackers and look really attractive.

4. DIY diyas: Diyas and Diwali go hand in hand. When it comes to gourmet gifting, you can make your own diyas by painting and decorating them. Buy some earthen diyas from local vendors and show your creativity by painting them with acrylic colors. Decorate them with beadd and mirrors for a glamorous touch. Pack dozens of diyas in a designer box for a unique present.

5. Gourmet Tea and Coffee Blends: Herbal tea and gourmet coffee blends are quite a rage and you can pick them as a Diwali present. You can make your own sachets from a bigger pack. Hibiscus, tulsi, lemon, jasmine, honey etc are some great flavors to consider. Similarly matcha, vanilla, hazelnut etc are some classy coffee flavors to try on.

6. Scented Candles: Just insane! Scented candles are everyone’s favorite and is a great gifting option for Diwali. There are many flavors available in the market but you definitely try your hands on creating your own flavor. Watch some videos and make some soothing gel candles or wax candles for you near and dear ones.

7. An idol of Lord Ganesha: Lord Ganesha is worshipped in every house during this festival so when you are hitting the local markets, don’t forget to look for teracotta Ganesha idol. You can procure earthen Ganesha even from melas or fairs or some local clay pot vendor.


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