In this male dominating society, we all have heard the cliches about women. A modern women is disrespectful, she is reluctant to help anyone, she doesn’t believes in family values and morals, she isn’t assertive, she don’t have what it takes to lead and so on. It’s always a woman that needs fixing. Despite of being well educated, society leaves no chance of feeding myths into our minds.

At times even the most sober and decent among us buy into these myths unintentionally. The myths tell women must change in order to succeed by focusing on their shortcomings. So today, we are here to spotlight 10 major myths about woman.

1. Woman don’t help other woman : It’s a very common stereotype that a woman doesn’t help other woman. But this is not at all true. The truth is woman are very helpful and stand for each other in need. Dont take the myth over your heas and read ” The Myth of Catty Women “. A huge number of women are already doing this and all women can and should do the same. Many woman celebrities including Emma Watson, Kerry Washinton, Serena Williams have raised their voice to a campaign ” Together women can” because they have benefited from the support of women.

2. Women can’t drive : “Women can’t drive bro”, I have heard this phrase many times and if I had a rupee for everytime, I could have bought myself a Mercedes. I am really not sure what men think they have when it comes to driving. Most public transport vehicles are driven by male drivers and most privately owned cars are also driven by males. If ” women can’t drive” is true, can you please explain why the traffic in India is that bad?

3. Women don’t advance because they focus on family: Oh really? Women are known for being good multi-taskers. Juggling between work and office is not that easy. But when you look at facts, women end up being more organized and prioritizing things in life. Women tend to be more honest employer and are good at avoiding distractions.

4. Harmones define women: Every damn person in this world in harmonal. Even men have harmones that cause mood swings. There are chemicals in human bodies that enhance feelings of happiness and pleasure, improves mood and decrease the level of anxiety.

5. Period is shameful to talk: Periods are not gross or shameful to talk. Periods are completely ordinary and talking of them in public is quite a normal thing. Periods and the balance of harmones is what keeps us stay young.

6. Women are too emotional to take business decisions: Many professional women are often tagged as emotional as if it is a flaw. But the fact is emotions are never a bad thing. To us, women are emotionally intelligent and have the ability to get rid of their emotional reactions entirely.

7. Women are bad with numbers: Both gender think women are bad at maths. But a new research can change your mind. A study shows that both men and women think alike when it comes to solve mathematical problems and women tend to receive more accurate results than men.

8. Violence only affects certain group of women: More or less, but each group of women is affected by violence. May it be at workplace or at home, may it be a high profile or lower class, every women is negatively affected by violence somehow.

9. Feminism only liberates women at the expense of men: Another myth. To be honest, feminism not only liberates women but also men by breaking down the stereotypes of the society. The real meaning of feminism states that men can also be weak, men can cry and show their emotions.

10. Household chores are women’s work: Ever watched “Ki & Ka”?An Indian movie breaking all the myths about women being responsible for household work. Men and women are equal and so are the responsibilities. Who told the society that men can’t cook? Men can’t wash clothes or men can’t do the dishes. They can and they should.


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